Wife Asks If She Was Wrong To 'Lash Out' Over Husband's Behavior At Ultrasound

When couples are planning for families, they sometimes have expectations in mind. Some couples want to have daughters and others want to have sons. Some don't care for their baby's gender at all, as long as their baby is healthy and well.

Sometimes, when an expecting parent finds out their baby's gender, it can go pretty poorly.

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One soon-to-be mom opened up about her struggles with her husband after finding out the gender of their baby.

"We went for the doctor's appointment to find out the gender of our baby. My husband was excited although he repeatedly said he guaranteed it was a boy with no evidence to back it up. We entered the doctors office and he didn't stop feeling nervous making me nervous, too," she wrote.

However, they found out it was a girl.

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"Once the doctor said it was a girl. My husband's face went red. He stared at the doctor then started asking if she was sure 15 times. He asked if she was sure this wasn't ['recorded'] footage of her previous patient which made me feel embarrassed [because] this was a dumb question," she added.

The Reddit user was embarrassed by her husband's behavior.

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"I told him to stop but he started lashing out blatantly saying he wasn't expecting this and was in fact disappointed with the results," she said.

When they got home, the wife put her foot down.

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"I lashed at him and told him he had no right to speak to the doctor like that and waste her time by getting her to check repeatedly. I said he embarrassed me and he lashed back saying he has a right to express how he felt and that he was disappointed.

We argued then he went to call his mom to tell her although I asked him to wait to do it together," she continued.

The two began arguing about his actions.

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"I called him childish for immediately calling his mom and getting her to text me. Like it's my fault. I told him I'm going to stay at my mom's for two days because this is too much.

He asked, 'How's it childish for me to call my mom and vent a little. But totally okay when you pack to go stay with your mom for two days?'

I was speechless. What response could I possibly have for this?" she added.

But, it didn't stop there.

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"He started texting saying ultrasound wasn't a good idea. But he'll just wait til our baby's born to find out since tests can't be 100% sure anyway.

Said he wasn't trying to blame me for being pregnant with a girl but how I reacted to his reaction. He planned to have one kid and that's it," the wife wrote.

Apparently, the wife isn't sure if she's overreacting or not.

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"My sister said I was wrong because his reaction was understandable and That he's free to express how he felt so I shouldn't try to control his reaction," she said.

People on Reddit did not hold back.

"I know people throw around 'sexist' a lot, but if someone is this disappointed about having a daughter instead of a son, they're sexist.

Also, you shouldn't have to leave, especially while very pregnant, just because he is being an asshole.

Also, your child being a daughter instead of a son is because his sperm gave the X chromosome, not Y. He could use an 8th grade biology lesson, too," one person wrote.

Others agreed, this dad is a total "jerk."

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"Wow. Does he not realize that his sperm determined the gender of the baby? It’s HIS fault he’s having a girl! Gasp!

He’s an ass and needs to get his crap together. It’s one thing to have a little disappointed letdown when you get yourself hyped for one sex or the other. It’s completely over the top to do what he did," someone else said.

What do you think? Was this dad out of line?