TikTok User Shares Brilliant Hack To Get Luxury Decor On The Cheap

Are you a fan of designer goods? Same. Do you not have a designer goods budget? SAME.

Luckily, TikTok has us covered. By doing a clever trick, you can get yourself some premium packaging that you can upcycle into some luxury home decor!

Boy, do I love being on a budget.

Unsplash | Alexander Mils

I have the aspirations of someone with Jeff Bezos money, but the wallet of Joey from Friends. So, there's no designer decor in my future... OR IS THERE?

Thank goodness for TikTok.

Hello, galaxy brain idea! So, here's how this works: You pick the cheapest thing a luxury brand has to offer (this is usually a beauty item) and order it. It'll get sent in some bougie AF packaging.

You also get free stuff.

The best part about ordering luxury items is all the luxury freebies you get. And I guarantee you'll get more use out of them than Sephora's VIB perk samples. Man, those things suck.

Here's what she actually ordered.

She ordered cotton pads, Chanel style. Each one comes stamped with the Chanel logo! They retail for $35, so which a pretty good deal to get yourself some expensive-looking home decor.

Boom, a box for your home.

Now you have a bougie box to display in your closet, and you didn't have to break the bank to get it! This would look so cute in your house, I know it.

People were surprised at the price of the cotton pads.

You do get quite a few for $35. It's way more than you SHOULD spend on cotton pads, but it's pretty cheap for Chanel. I would have expected $50 at least.

Since it's TikTok, a lot of people came with jokes.

No, like... this really is the only Chanel thing I could justify. At least you get a lot with this purchase, unlike buying their beauty items. I'm sorry, those eyeshadows have no pigmentation. I said it, I meant it.

Some people were disappointed she didn't show off where she put the box.

Including me. I went through her TikTok AND her Instagram looking for a picture at the very least, but nope. So, just picture a box in a closet. Thanks.

Other users quickly followed suit.

In fact, the idea was so popular that TikTok cleaned Chanel out of their Le Cotton Pads. Users had to wait to buy them while they were on backorder!

Now, tons of TikTok users are displaying the boxes around their homes.

Not gonna lie, I kind of want to do it, too. I am not immune to that logo. I am a simple woman with extremely bougie taste on a budget, y'all.

Other users decided to take things even farther.

This user had a Chanel shopping bag laying around, so she straight-up laminated it. She then grabbed some gold eyelets and got to work attaching them to the bag.

Next up, you're going to need a ribbon.

Once all the eyelets are hammered in, it's simply a matter of reattaching everything with some ribbon! I love the sheer, black ribbon she used here, it's very Chanel.

Add some jewelry for a little somethin' somethin'.

It's all finished! Now, this may not be for everyone, but there's something so fun and nostalgic about this glam throwback moment. The pearls are such a fun addition!

So, would you add some designer to your decor?


If you're a fan of designer stuff, this is a really fun and accessible way to get those labels without forking over tons of money to them. Lifehack to the extreme!