Katharine McPhee Says 'Biggest Challenge' Of Pregnancy Was Overcoming 'Body Issues'

Pregnancy is challenging in many, many ways, and not just because you have to take nine months off from your wine nights! Obviously, it can take a huge toll on your body, and it can also take a toll on your body image, which actress and singer Katharine McPhee is opening up about following the birth of her first child.

TW: this article contains depictions or discussions of eating disorders and may be triggering to some readers.

Katharine McPhee opened up about how she struggled with fearing an eating disorder relapse during her pregnancy in a new interview.

“It just suddenly came up in a way that hadn’t been present in a long time," Katharine said of "body issue stuff" being "the biggest challenge." Katharine added, "Feeling like there was a relapse after getting pregnant was shocking and upsetting and concerning for me."

"I was suddenly so obsessed with food, starting from this first trimester, and I had such a distortion of the way that I looked," Katharine went on.

Katharine revealed that over her pregnancy, she gained about 40 pounds and was “so hard” on herself, adding that she was "really ravenous and really obsessed with food."

“You’re like, ‘Is this just the eating disordered-version of me or is this actually my body?’” Katharine said of her cravings.

"Suddenly I didn’t have any of it figured out.”

“Suddenly, the cues felt really different, and I didn’t know how to interpret them. When I did eat, I would feel really full and it was very confusing," Katharine explained.

Katharine added that now she's okay with being “a little bit thicker.”

Katharine gave birth to her first child with her husband David Foster on February 24th.

We're so happy for Katharine and the newest addition to her family, and we're glad that Katharine is bringing awareness to an issue so many struggle with!