16+ Times That People Apparently Thought Of Everything

There's no shortage of detail-minded people in the world. I mean, I'm definitely not one of them, but I can certainly appreciate their handiwork.

Added details and hidden Easter eggs are some of the more satisfying things to spot in the wild.

Family photo.

Reddit | Satures

Here's a fun little detail that those NASA types added to the latest Mars rover: a depiction of every Mars rover to date.

Is that true?

Reddit | ClassicsDoc

This was found at the bottom of a box of beer. Who knows, it might just get more people to recycle.

Who's Craig?

I appreciate the user-friendly guide here, but it's a little weird. How loud is 'very loud classical music'? Who's Craig? Who's Troy?

Boat bridge.

Reddit | cyanich

It breaks my brain a little to look at this, but it makes perfect sense: a short tunnel so boats can pass over the roadway.

I get it.

Reddit | J1mmy_white

This new Volkswagen has pause and play icons for the brakes and gas pedal. I'd think the brakes would have a stop button but I'm not a car designer.

Parent's chair.

Reddit | CYBERSson

I've never seen a rocking chair so highly specialized, but it's actually an awesome idea. Once your kids grow up, though, it's kind of unnecessary.

What scar?

Reddit | Lazaycopetant

This guy needed bicep surgery but the surgeon took care to make the incision in an area where it would barely show.

Little Easter egg.

Reddit | fjbruzr

This electric Ford Mustang has a little surprise hiding under its hood: a message saying "electric ponies live here". Kinda weird, but sure.

Dual purpose.

Reddit | achilliesFriend

This hotel shower has an awesome feature that more showers need: a handy shelf that can be accessed from inside or outside the shower stall.

Mug's message on point.

Reddit | DaBoiKakashi

I appreciate the work to give this mug a functional handle again, and I really appreciate the on-point message printed on the mug.

Double layered.

Reddit | ModalMantis

This teacup has a hollow cavity between its two layers that keeps it from getting too hot to hold.

Is that how boats work?

Reddit | 1_am_not_a_b0t

Normally, you don't want to see a boat that's full of water. But in Florida, they play by different rules.

Vertical chess.

Reddit | Penguinkeith

This isn't 4D chess, but it's something even rarer: vertical chess. I guess it's an option for people who don't have table space.

It just keeps going.

I don't know what this pickup truck has been created from, but it actually looks well-designed...y'know, for a truck that's about ten feet longer than it should be.

The past was weird.

Reddit | Sdbtank96

This Lexus has a phone built right into the center console. Who'd have thought stuff like this would be obsolete almost immediately?

All in one.

These self-lighting candles from 1900 even include a little stand in the box to give the candles a place to sit.

Fair enough.

Reddit | RandyBurnham

This bench in Manchester, England is reassuring. Don't worry, guys — Motley isn't dead. They're just someone who can recognize a good bench when they see it.

Right in his spot.

Reddit | gemjammm

This mural in Puerto Rico includes something important: the doggo who likes to chill there. You can see how well they captured it.

Nacho Libre?

Reddit | PartyKrill

This taco shop has a random Easter egg on one of its shelves: a candle featuring Jack Black as Nacho Libre?

Proof positive.

Reddit | Armadilloheart

This cut of expensive wagyu steak comes with certification that it came from a cow, in the form of that cow's nose print.

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