10+ Romantic Gestures From Movies And Shows That People Would Hate In Real Life

We're all for romantic gestures: giving someone flowers, buying them chocolate, writing a sweet card.

But things can tip the scale from cute to creepy real fast, as far as movies and TV shows go. They portray romantic gestures that would never fly in real life.

From showing up on someone's doorstep uninvited to threatening to off yourself unless someone agrees to date you, here are 10+ of those cringy-worthy moments.

When Edward would sneak into Bella's room at night and watch her sleep in *Twilight*.

Instead of being terrified by this like any sane person, Bella finds it romantic and kisses him.

We'd be dialing 911 so fast!

When Jim bought his parent's house without talking to Pam first in *The Office*.


Communication is everything in a relationship! What if Pam didn't like the house?

A house is not like a sweater you can just return.

When Elle followed her ex to Harvard in *Legally Blonde*.

If our ex showed up on the same college campus as a way to get us back, we would be seeking legal advice, not viewing this as romantic.

When Patrick serenated Kat during her soccer practice.

Save the karaoke for the appropriate time and place!

If a guy pulled this on us, we'd get mega embarrassed just like when people sing us "Happy Birthday" in restaurants.

When Noah jumped on a Ferris wheel until Ali agreed to go out with him in *The Notebook*.

Not only was he risking his life, but he was also being emotionally manipulative. Next time, don't be shy, girl.

Let him drop!

When Austin ditched his football game to pursue Sam in *A Cinderella Story*.

Hasn't he heard of talking after the game?

By leaving, he let his teammates and coach down. Not to mention, the talent scout that came to see him play.

When Knox kissed his crush while she was passed out at a party in *Dead Poets Society*.

This is portrayed as his "carpe diem" moment in the film.

But he really shouldn't have seized this moment since it's pretty blatant sexual assault.

When Max sent Lorelai $1,000 yellow daisies in *Gilmore Girls*.

Sure, almost every girl loves flowers and Lorelai did say that it would be the perfect proposal. B

ut that's a lot of soon-to-be-dead flowers. Plus, how did he afford that?!

When Lloyd held a boombox outside Diane's window in *Say Anything*.

He went ahead and did this despite the fact that she made it clear she didn't want to see him again.

To top off the cringe, he plays Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" aka the song they were listening to when they first made love.

When Noah built a house for Allie when they weren't together in *The Notebook*.

Just imagine your high school ex doing the same thing while you're happily engaged to someone else.

Time to let it go, man! Move on!

When Lucy pretended to be the fiancée of a man in a coma in *While You Were Sleeping*.

She tricked this poor guy's whole family into thinking that they were together.

Despite this, she still found love in the end with his brother.

When Meredith filled a field of glass candles for Derek in *Grey's Anatomy*.

It's not just men pulling the "romantic" gestures.

Women make mistakes attempts, too. It would have been a lot of work to create that fire hazard.

When Sam ran past airport security to see his crush in *Love Actually*.

It didn't matter that he was a child; what he did was wrong.

In real life, the stunt would likely delay flights and set off worries about a terrorist attack.

When Ben stopped traffic while chasing Andie in *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days*.

First of all, she didn't have to leave New York to write what she wanted. But that's beside the point.

He shouldn't have risked their lives when a call would have sufficed.

When Ted stole the blue French horn for Robin twice in *How I Met Your Mother*.

If we never saw that blue horn again, we'd be happy.

In addition to stealing, it represented Ted going back to a woman who was never that into him anyway.

When Sandy changed who she was for Danny in *Grease*.

He fell in love with her girl-next-door persona over the summer, but let his friends get in the way.

So in the end, she transformed into his ideal woman, leather jacket and all.

When Rachel gave up her dream job in Paris to be with Ross in *Friends*.


If we're getting off that plane and giving up a life of fresh croissants, it had better be for someone good, like Henry Cavill.

NOT Ross who once slept with someone else.

When Dean built a car for Rory in *Gilmore Girls*.

Given the fact that a car can kill someone if it's improperly made, Richard Gilmore had every right to say that it's an improper gift.

Let's also not forget that Dean was only 16!

When Mark showed up on Juliet's doorstep to profess his love.

This over-the-top romantic gesture is actually grounds for a restraining order!

And this happened when Juliet was married to Mark's best friend. Seriously, not cool man.