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Fast Food Employees Online Reveal The Menu Items People Should Never Order

If you're a fan of fast food, listen up. I'm not sure how you will feel about your favorite food joints after you read this article.

Recently, a Redditor asked fast food employees online to list the worst food items on the menu they themselves would never eat. Let's just say the items are quite surprising and may make you think twice about ordering them. Brace yourself!

Don't eat the corn!

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"Used to work at a small fast food place and during training my manager got mad at me for throwing out slimy corn. She showed me how she would just rinse the slime off in the sink and put it back. I find corn suspicious now," one user said.

A warning to all those chicken lovers!

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"I worked at Wendy's nobody ever f**** orders the homestyle chicken so if you do it's probably been sitting in a warmer [sic] tray for an hour or two since we just can't afford to throw out the old ones all the time but have to keep some on hand," another person said.

Do you love a trip to the movies? "

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"Had a job with AMC theaters. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything other than popcorn/drink. The oil is so gross. You’re basically ordering something that went through a machine built in the '70s that has accumulated layers and layers of oil residue," said this ex-employee.

Craving some meatballs?

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"Meatballs are heated from frozen in a microwave then left to sit in a bath of hot water to keep warm. Supposed to be thrown out after four hours but I would sometimes start a shift and see the bag I made yesterday still sitting there on slow days," one user said.

Oh, no!

Would you like ham on your pizza?

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"Worked at Pizza Hut [a] long time ago and the ham would turn this disgusting gray color within a day [of] opening the package. You just couldn't tell if it had been opened 24 hours ago or 2 weeks ago," said this worker.

This fountain drink nightmare!

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"I never drink anything from a tap or fountain, anywhere. Those things are always nasty, and I say that as someone who has had a career in waste disposal," mused this ex-employee. Yikes, that doesn't sound appetizing at all.

Any fans of Applebee’s here?

"They had us pushing meat past expiry and reusing ingredients like pico that had expired into 'subingredients' for fresh food like white queso," confessed this former staff member. I actually loved Applebee’s in Florida. Um, perhaps not anymore.

How do you feel about pizza now?

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"I worked at a pizza place that was infested with roaches, especially in the back room where we would leave the pizza dough out to sit," confessed this ex-worker. Yikes, that's absolutely horrid.

This one is for all the chocolate lovers...

"I work at a chain coffee shop where we make our own in-house chocolate sauce. Sounds nice but it starts to mold within a few days. The chocolate sauce container only gets cleaned out properly if we run out during slow times," one person said.

Fancy a roast beef sandwich?

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"Anything made with the 'roast beef' at Arby’s. It’s not a real beef roast. Instead, it’s a compressed block of beef scraps. It comes in a bag filled with beef broth, and you just warm the entire thing in the oven for a few hours," another user said.

OMG, yuck!

How do you like this chili?

"The manager was there one day when we had three hotdogs left over. He put them in the fridge and told me to use them the next day in a chili or cheese dog where the customer couldn’t see the hotdog," one person said.

Who's an ice cream lover?

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"I was a shift supervisor at a fast food place and years later, I still refuse to eat anything with ice cream in it. The machine we had was always covered in mold and spoiled cream while the owner's 'fix' was to scrape off a layer of mold and spray some Clorox on it," this employee said.

OMG, no!

Do you like rats with your meal?

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One person revealed they found dead rats in a deep fryer.

"Inside were two large dead rats, or what was left of them, bones and fluff mostly. They had got in the machine via the purge pipe, and got stuck inside. So for probably a month or two, all the fried food from this establishment had been cooked in oil that had been filtered through two rotting rats," confessed one repair guy.

Don't eat the coleslaw!

"I have watched the hairiest men make coleslaw with no gloves, and for perspective, we make a giant tub at a time. You're literally armpit-deep sometimes in this bin to mix it correctly...Please don’t eat the coleslaw."

I'm shocked!

Eat the garlic bread at your own risk!

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"We used a paint brush to spread the garlic butter. The thing was, the paint brush was never fully clean so garlic butter from the previous days would still be on the brush. I’d never seen the brush replaced in my nearly two years working there," confessed the employee.

Skip the tomatoes!

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"Some of the tomatoes had mold on them so [the employee] went to throw them out. Her manager scolded her and told her if anything grows mold, you cut the mold off and still serve it so they don’t waste food."

My stomach is turning as we speak!

Don't order anything after lunch rush!

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"There's a rule for how long something can sit under the heat lamps, but no one follows it. If you're not ordering during the lunch or dinner rush, you should assume whatever you get has been sitting out for hours," confessed this worker.

Do you want butter with that popcorn?

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"If people saw (and felt) the popcorn “butter” at AMC when I worked there you wouldn’t touch that whole stand, much less put that stuff in your body."

OMG, I used to ask for butter religiously!

Who's a fish fan here?

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"The main thing that was nasty was the Big Fish sandwich, for a few reasons. The thing just smelled foul. It was a frozen patty of fish that we’d dunk it the fryer for like 4 minutes, and then attempt to not vomit when I pulled it out because of the smell," mused this ex-worker.

Let's have that healthy grilled chicken option, right?

"As someone who works at Wendy’s, it would have to be the grilled chicken sandwich. That’s not to say I wouldn’t eat it under any circumstances. If someone put a gun to my head or offered me a thousand dollars to eat it, I’d go right ahead."

There goes that idea!

Can I just say, OMG?

I don't think I'm ever going to eat at a fast-food joint again unless I know someone who works there so they can confirm how clean it is. What about you? Are you appalled by this as much as me?