Parents Separated From Newborn Quadruplets During Texas Storm Finally Reunite

At the end of January, Texas couple Starlyn and Bill Cafferata welcomed their newborn quadruplets into the world just as they began to hear talks of a big winter storm heading their way.

At the time, the pair weren't too concerned about the snow warning. As Bill told TODAY, “Bad weather doesn’t scare us."

However, that impending storm would ultimately be the very thing that would trap Starlyn and Bill at home, preventing the proud parents from being able to visit their four newborn babies in the NICU for eight days.

After struggling with infertility, the couple, who are already parents to two-year-old daughter Zoë, learned they were expecting quadruplets.

They began documenting their quadruple pregnancy journey on TikTok, keeping their followers updated on the babies' health, Starlyn's health, her cravings while expecting four babies, and much more.

On January 20, the couple uploaded a video revealing that Starlyn had given birth to four healthy babies: daughters Lennon, Francesca, Stella, and a son named Enzo.

Stella and Enzo are fraternal twins, while Stella and Lennon are identical.

It was while the babies were staying in St. David's Women's Center of Texas' neonatal intensive care unit that the devastating ice storm hit the southern part of the country.

“The roads weren’t drivable,” Bill told TODAY. “I pulled my truck out of the driveway and got stuck for three hours. It was just a frozen ice wreck.”

Since traveling 40 miles to the hospital was impossible in such an intense winter storm, the parents were devastated to realize they couldn't go visit their four newborns.

It would be eight long days before they could finally safely travel to the hospital again.

“It was absolutely brutal, that feeling that you can’t get to your kids,” Starlyn said. “The nurses and staff were incredible, FaceTiming us and calling. But not being able to hold them was brutal.”

Bill filmed the emotional moment Starlyn was finally able to see and hold her babies after spending more than a week apart.

That video was uploaded to the couple's TikTok page where it has over 600,000 views and nearly 90,000 likes at the time of this writing. The comment section has been flooded with reactions from viewers and devoted followers who have been keeping up with the family's journey ever since they first announced their pregnancy.

"We are incredibly blessed that people care about our babies and are invested like we are," Starlyn told Good Morning America.

Last week, the couple shared another update revealing they have since been able to bring home "half of [their] squad" from the hospital.

Francesca and Lennon have officially been welcomed home and have met their big sister Zoë, while siblings Stella and Enzo remain in the NICU. However, Bill and Starlyn are confident the other half of their "squad" will soon be allowed to go home as well.

If you're interested in keeping up with this big, happy family, make sure you check out their TikTok page and their official Instagram account, @caffsquad.

h/t: TODAY, Good Morning America