14+ Moments That Make Us Go ‘How Dumb Do You Have To Be?’

We can all have our moments where our brain isn't exactly firing on all cylinders. However, sometimes there are people who are able to capture these moments and upload them to the internet.

So, from the most hilariously poor painting jobs to people who inexplicably hate helping people with spinal injuries, here are 14+ moments that make us go, "How dumb do you have to be?"


"So, Dave, when you said that you know what an acronym is..."

"Yeah, it's a make of lawnmower, right?"


I suppose that the person who put this in just thought that kids only spend their time spinning these things aimlessly anyway. Well, either that or he was a complete dolt.

"In the house I'm moving into the guy painted over the light-switch."

Idiocy aside, that is some truly ghastly painting work. It looks like they've been painting with cottage cheese.

What Kind Of Disability Is This?

So, are they saying that this is a parking space reserved for people who have tails?

"Vitamin A, As In Absent..."

"Dave, the trick is that we say it's got vitamin A in, then we just don't put any in!"

"But, isn't that just lying?"

"Well, if you're gonna be a nerd about it, then I guess so."

They Dry Cleaned His Aldi Bag!?

The baffled man who posted this explained, "Dropped my dry cleaning off in an old Aldi bag last week. Picked it up today and didn't notice I was charged for the cleaning of the plastic bag. They even heat-pressed the handles so they're nice and spiffy. The cleaning cost 3x the cost of the bag new. My wife couldn't stop laughing at me."

"Mailbox has to be red."

This looks like the handiwork of the guy who painted over the light-switch with cottage cheese. The little face at the bottom of this letterbox looks very disappointed with its new look as well.

"How does one man screw this far without noticing...just to bend it back to 'normal'?"

Something tells me that the person behind this did notice what they were doing, they just couldn't have cared any less.

"Here in the Canary Islands we know how to make drivers stop when they see a stop signal."

Yeah, you would think that the tree would be a bit of a giveaway that people need to stop. Although, thank God they also put those two small cones down as well, as they'll do the world of good!

"I'm too smart to have to read the frozen pizza instructions, said a complete idiot..."

I've been in this situation before so I'm in no position to criticise. Also, I like how they made it look like a mushroom cloud after the detonation of a pizza atom bomb.

They Forgot The Single Most Obvious Part...

In fairness, you would probably think that everyone who ordered the Avocado Wrap would know that there would be avocado on it. However, I bet they got one idiot who complained because the avocado on their Avocado Wrap wasn't mentioned in the ingredients. The general public can be a delight.

"You had one job. And at least four hours to do it over."

Yeah, this now sounds less like the name of a place and more like the name of a villain in one of the X-Men films.

"Why is this even a question?"

I mean, I'd put yes as then they might not ask you any more asinine questions!

"And the winner of the 'Not my job' award goes to..."

"Look, you told me to put salt and pepper in the shakers!"

"You know that this isn't what I meant..."

"Is. There. Salt. And. Pepper. In. The. Shakers?!"

"Boss: 'Write something on the cap to make it look cool...' Employee:"

I actually quite like this cap. Although, I don't think that I could bring myself to wear a cap like this as I don't like Bud Light and that feels like a prerequisite of wearing a hat like this.

"Medication for back pain on the lowest shelf."

"Hi, how can I help you."

"Well, I've been having some back problems and..."

"Get the hell out of here, we don't want people like you in this store!"

"People with...back problems?"

"That's right! Get out!"

"You gutter be kidding me!"

Seriously? This was an easier solution than just moving the sign a little bit to the left?

"But I was told it had to be 3ft wide!"

I can just imagine a cyclist trying to following this pathway, twisting and turning like a snake on amphetamines.

This Gate Is Doing It's Best Damn It!

I mean, I'm sure that nobody would be so disrespectful as to just drive around this gate, right?

"My little sister saw this and went 'Nope, not my job!'"

You see, this letter is very suspicious, but that cat also looks incredibly guilty!