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Missing French Bulldog From California Found More Than 600 Miles Away In Mexico

Many dog owners have had a scare or two when it comes to their dogs running away and going missing.

However, one California family experienced both the scare and story of a lifetime when their beloved dog went missing and somehow traveled over 600 miles away to Mexico.

The pup was actually an emotional support dog.

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As People reported, Debbie Campbell's French Bulldog, Brody, went missing from her Bay Area home in early February and hadn't been seen in weeks.

Her family began a broad search everywhere they could cover, but were unsuccessful in tracking down the pup. Campbell was understandably distraught, but then something truly unexpected happened.

After weeks of searching, someone finally recognized her missing dog.

600 miles away from Campbell, Benjamin Gonzalez had purchased a French Bulldog off the street for $1,000 in Tijuana, Mexico.

When Gonzalez showed his family from the Bay Area his new dog, they felt like the dog looked very familiar. As it turns out, they had seen Brody's missing dog posters, and realized this was him.

It was time for Brody to come home after a very long journey.

At his family's suggestion, Gonzalez contacted Campbell to confirm the he had indeed found Brody.

Campbell correctly identified Brody's tattoo, and before long her son was on his way to Mexico to pick up her beloved Frenchie.

If Gonzalez wasn't from the Bay Area, Brody may not have made it home.

Whether by mere coincidence or complete fate, Gonzalez was able to help Campbell reunite with her dog. While remains unclear how exactly Brody ended up an incredible 600 miles away in Mexico, the family can at least rest easy knowing he's finally home safe.

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