Best Friends Bond Over Being Adopted Before Learning They're Biological Sisters

Every now and then, unexpected things happen. And no matter how many times we were about these kinds of crazy events in the news, we're still somehow totally gobsmacked when a new one comes out.

This is certainly true when it comes to this incredible story about two women who became best friends before discovering that they're actually biological sisters.

It all started with two women working at a Connecticut bar together.

As Good Morning America reported, 31-year-old Julia Tinetti and 32-year-old Cassandra Madison met in 2013 while they were both employed Russian Lady Bar in New Haven. Although initially simply just friendly coworkers, the women quickly learned they had a lot in common.

They bonded over their many commonalities.

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The women discovered that they both have tattoos of the Dominican Republic flag on their bodies. By even greater coincidence, they learned they were both born and adopted from that country. After finding such an incredible commonality, the two became fast friends and even began dressing alike. There was an uncanny bond.

"I thought she was cool," Cassandra told GMA of her BFF, Julia. "We just kind of hit it off right away. It was very natural."

They soon noticed that they looked a lot alike, too.

Co-workers and mutual friends would comment on how much both women looked alike and how even though their adoption papers had different cities, different surnames, and different mother names, they may be related.

Only born and adopted a year apart from one another from the same part of the Dominican Republic, the evidence was mounting and the women knew there must be some kind of a real connection between them.

A DNA test revealed more than they could imagine.

After several DNA tests were taken, and Cassandra's biological father revealed he had given up a second baby for adoption as well, Cassandra and Julia discovered that they're biological sisters. More than that, they learned they have seven more siblings who all live in the Dominican.

Julia told GMA that finding out her best friend is actually her biological sister has been a roller coaster for everyone involved, but she hopes she can soon travel to the Dominican to meet the rest of her biological family.

h/t: Good Morning America

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