People Are Divided Over A Video Of A Couple Getting Engaged At Someone Else's Wedding

I'm currently planning my wedding, and there are lots of things people often warn brides about, right? For example, everyone knows not to wear white except for the bride. After all, it's her special day, no?

So what happens when something out of the ordinary occurs at a wedding? This one TikTok video recently went viral because what transpired at this wedding has everybody very divided.

A groom posted a video of a bouquet toss his bride did at their wedding reception.

She was expecting the usual tradition: Toss the bouquet, and the single girl who catches it is supposed to get married next.

However, instead of tossing the bouquet in the air, the bride ran over to her female friend.

She then handed the flower bouquet to her. And what happened next is even more controversial. Her boyfriend got on his knee and presented her with an engagement ring.

What you have here, ladies and gentlemen is a proposal — during someone else's wedding!

OMG! It's quite unusual and could be considered a major faux pax. But was it? Let's find out more about how this whole thing happened. Shall we?

Before you gasp in sheer horror, let me clarify something for you.

As it turns out, both the bride and the groom were "in" on the whole thing. They knew it was going to happen that way, and they welcomed it.

Wow, I have to admit I've never heard of any couple allowing this to happen on their special day.

Unsplash | Jon Tyson

Why would they allow another couple to "steal the spotlight" from them like that? Why take time out of their wedding reception for something like that?

Well, judging from the groom's comments in response to people's shock they both wanted to give their friends this special moment.

And they were completely okay with it happening during their wedding reception of all things. Isn't that something or what?

However, even with the couple's blessing, this video has gotten many folks in an uproar.

Some thought the moment was really special. Folks were very impressed by the strength of these couple's friendship. To do this for a friend is such a sweet gesture indeed. Don't you think?

However, some people said that they would never allow this to happen on their wedding day.

After all, you wait such a long time to get married so you should have those special moments all to yourself and your spouse.

So what do you think of this story?

Unsplash | Colin Maynard

Would you ever consider allowing your friends to get engaged on your wedding day? I have to say I can understand both sides of this coin. However, I'm not sure what I would do in this situation.