15+ Pleasant Surprises That Made Our Days A Little Brighter

The point of surprises is that we don't see them coming, right? That thought can leave some people nervous, though, as not all surprises are good.

So this list is meant to ease those worried thoughts and remind people everywhere that many, I'd say even most, surprises can be perfectly pleasent.

"I lost my wallet. These boys found it and [wouldn't] accept any reward. People are good!"

The pride on their faces tells us that they already have reward enough, knowing they helped someone!

"Bought a used [Beatles] album, inside was this 1995 newspaper clipping OC."

Now you have a great used album and the perfect accessory to keep with it, score!

"This KitKat bench."

I'm fully aware this isn't actually made out of chocolate but that won't stop me from worrying that it'd melt.

"The instructions for our new coffee table had a funny note on a random page."

You, instruction booklet, overestimate me and don't quite understand how easily I am willing to give up.

"My boyfriend was cleaning out his spare room and found this pamphlet from a 1999 Pokémon event."

That looks to be in great shape for being over 20 years old! Although Bulbasaur's eyes are looking a little...wide.

"This guy wearing a Pac-Man suit."

I'd ask what the occasion is, but the Pac-Man suit can be worn anywhere for anything.

"This tree had a little lake and boat."

Not only is this cute, but it helped me learn something too!

One user in the comments shared a fact about this water feature, "Those are called vernal pools and they are incredibly diverse micro ecosystems. There are many species of plants and animals which only exist in these, some of them which only exist in pools in certain tree species."

"Found this off the beaten track at a nearby forest [...]."

Surprise art is truly the best art, often beautiful and always enjoyable!

"This bench in Manchester, UK."

Who says we need to be dead before we're allowed to have things dedicated to us? Practice self-love, sponsor a bench today!

"This orange had a mini orange growing out of the top of the big orange. It even had actual fruit/seeds inside it."

It was a BOGO deal that no one told you about. Also, it was more 'buy one, get one-sixteenth.'

"I found this jacket at a thrift store and have waited 4 months to wear it. Merry Christmas!"

Christmas has passed but the absolute fabulousness of this jacket will never.

"The price for corals at my local aquarium shop is 'how bad do you want it?'"

If the employees at this pet store think I'm above begging, I'm not. They'll get to see just how badly I want that coral.

"Spotted in wild."

Imagine this guy started appearing on everything that went down, not just Google Chrome webpages. It'd be way easier to tell when something's broken!

"I found this message from 1988 in my linen closet. 24 rolls of toilet paper for $0.66."

No wonder they wanted to immortalize the occasion, that's a once-in-a-lifetime deal!

"This cat I found chilling on a truck."

That's a pretty gruff-looking cat, are you sure it's not his truck?

"The papers of the book that I have is made [of rocks]."

If this is all true, why are we not using it everywhere effective immediately?

"Tailgate design on Neighbor's truck."

I don't like the way that guy's lookin' at me. I'm in a committed relationship, I don't need you making flirtatious eyes my way.

"Saw this ancient being in the forest. It still worked."

I'm young and this makes me feel old. I knew a few were still around but I didn't know their lines still worked.

"Commercial vehicle with a broken mirror uses a heart shaped mirror as a replacement."

There's nothing wrong with making your temporary fixes as cute as possible. Or your permanent fixes. Or anything, really.

"The way the surgeon made this incision on my boyfriend’s arm to keep his tattoo as unchanged as possible after he tore his bicep."

Not only is it nearly perfect, but that slight imperfection makes for a great story!

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