14+ Times People Caught The Perfect Moments On Camera

The world often finds delightful little ways to surprise us, and I'm not just talking about when we find a fiver on the floor...although that is pretty sweet.

Anyway, that aside, from overly Halloween-y cats to Trash Pandas making their annual religious pilgrimage, here are 14+ times people witnessed perfect serendipity!

"This 'Mini' evolution I saw in London..."

The "Mini" really got less mini as time went on. Also, I cannot see the old Mini without hearing Michael Cane saying, "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off."

Hopefully They've Got A Spare!

It would be truly awful if not one of those tires fitted this guy's truck. Also, why haven't they tied those tires down in any way? Seems a bit dangerous!

"There was flooding where I live recently."

One person added, "Wow definitely thought this was some super cool swim up bar or something, the truth is disappointing..." Although, I cannot think of anything worse than a "swim up bar."

Signs Of The Times...

Although, I don't think that I ever get sick of eating ham over the holidays. Nothing like consuming dangerous amounts of ham to complete the holidays.

"Cat with a perfect bowl cut."

This cat looks so much like Jim Carrey in Dumb And Dumber, it is genuinely unbelievable. I feel bad for laughing at it though, it looks so sad at the same time!

"Unexpected Bird!"

"Hey, Dave, look at me, I did it! I made the ranks! And to think that you said I was too slow!"

"That moment you realise your daughter is the same size as your Storm Troopers..."

There was a good few moments there where I thought that they had put the stormtrooper's helmet on their kid, and I'm sure that I am not alone in this.

"My tuxedo cat Wednesday has white lines going down each leg. From underneath she looks skeletal."

This person's cat is always perfectly dressed for halloween parties! The stress of choosing a costume for halloween must never bother this cat...or any cat, I guess.

"Perfect snowflake I got on my sleeve this morning."

I have never seen a snowflake so perfect, although that might be because instead of actually looking at the individual flakes I'm always just thinking of how much of a nightmare the roads are going to be. Getting old is fun.

"The shadow of my chimney makes me look like Lord Farquad."

Ah yes, because that is a beloved character that everyone wants to emulate! Step away from the chimney man!

"Baskin Robbins saw a chance and took it."

Good to see that the robot on the neighbor's roof also took the time to wave for the camera!

"Flock of sparrows portraying a horse while horses gallop in the background."

That flock of sparrows are pretty talented, they might start giving the Flock Of Seagulls a run for their money soon.

"Yesterday I've found this picture of my grandpa and me playing Popup Pirate 25 years ago."

What a great game this was! I was far too impatient with this game, as I also was with Buckaroo.

"One of the eggs I poached this morning came out looking like a human heart."

Someone pointed out that if you put some red food colouring on that you would have a fantastic halloween breakfast recipe!

"A dove made a nest in the projector in my classroom."

The person who posted this did go on to say, "no one knows how the bird entered, we spent half the class discussing it." It looks happy enough though!

"With my 41st birthday approaching, this hits close to home."

It looks like this refrigerator is not only uncool, but is also broke as well. What a terribly relatable situation!

"While at McDonald's drive thru..."

The person riding that cow really couldn't hold their need for a McDonald's until they weren't riding a cow? Feels a little insensitive!

"This egg my chicken laid looks like a kinder surprise egg..."

It would be even weirder if there was a little plastic fried egg toy inside of it when they cracked it open.

"Raccoon just living in the moment, going for a joy ride, not a care in the world."

Well, there is a reason that they call them Trash Pandas! Looks like this one is making a religious pilgrimage.

"This image was taken moments before I heard my wife's screams coming from the bedroom."

Something tells me that this poor cat was launched into the air not five seconds after this was taken.