Wedding Guests Stunned After Bride Sends Out List Of Strict Demands For Big Day

Many of us have heard the frightful stories of so-called bridezillas who make their weddings into complete misery for everyone else.

You know the kind. They appear to be sweet, innocent, blushing brides, but as soon as something doesn't go their way or some kind of plan for the event falls through, they start seeing red. And when that happens... Well, watch out.

For the most part, these kinds of women only really exist within the confines of reality TV.

However, one real-life *bridezilla* decided to publicly make plenty of strict demands and rules for her big day.

Rather than simply hope her attendees would abide by traditional wedding rules and decorum, she took it upon herself to write out a lengthy list of dos and do nots, which her guests were not at all pleased to see pop up in their email inboxes.

No one could believe what they were seeing.

The "rules and regulations" were allegedly emailed to all wedding guests on behalf of the couple's wedding planner.

While it's normal for many brides to have some ideas for how their wedding should go, this soon-to-be wedded woman's list of demands were outrageous, ranging from a strict dress code (including makeup), to forbidding guests from even speaking to the bride.

Look, we can understand trying to make sure your big day goes perfectly as planned, but this is just a little much.

Someone decided to share this list on Reddit in an effort to determine if other people thought it was as outlandish as they did.

It starts off somewhat innocently enough as the planner reaches out to the event's attendees to do a little head count and "go over some rules and regulations of the wedding day."

However, once the niceties were out of the way, the list got a little...well, unbelievably ridiculous.

Guests were strictly forbidden from wearing white, cream, or ivory, which is kind of a no brainer when it comes to dressing for a wedding but perhaps this bride felt it needed to be said, just for good measure.

Also banned from the wedding were any hair styles beyond a "basic bob or ponytail", and a full face of make up. So put that eye shadow away, unless you want to get turned away at the doors.

Then the demands got downright confusing.

For some reason, guests at this particular wedding were prohibited from even speaking to the bride, which was emphasized in all capital letters in the list so I'm assuming that was a pretty big one for this wife-to-be.

Everyone at the event was also instructed to toast with Rémy... We aren't sure who that is or why this needed to be said, but perhaps Rémy isn't very popular.

Oh, and in case you missed it, there was also a minimum price placed on the wedding gifts or you would be turned away from the event completely.

So if grandma thought she could just show up on the day of with some hand-me-down family heirloom, she had another thing coming because this bride wasn't about to settle for anything with less than a $75 price tag.

So yeah, some demands were simply hilarious while others were just unbelievably outrageous..

People in the Reddit comments had a field day as they emphasized several of the odd demands from the bride.

One person wrote, "If the bride is requesting $75 or more gifts she's probably too shallow to hire a planner and is posing as one to sound official and blame someone else for being bitchy."

The last-minute rules and regulations may have even been for people to decide not to attend.

It seems like this bride and wedding planner may have burned a lot of bridges in just one very intense, error-riddled text message.

People in the Reddit comments didn't just come for the content, they came for the grammar and spelling.

One person wrote, "That really bugged me. I mean, I get not everybody has to be a spelling champ, but English is not my first language and I knew this word... Is it too much to ask of you to spell check when you have job with public ?"

At the end of the day, many Redditors hoped at least a few guests felt compelled to break the rules.

When rules are too silly to be true, people may decide it's even funnier to break them. At least, that's what many of the Reddit users had in mind.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you think the demands on this bride's list are realistic.

h/t: Reddit | laika_cat

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