Savage X Fenty Introduces Their First Little Person Ambassador

It's the way Rihanna can do no wrong for me.

Rihanna's lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, has been long celebrated for its inclusivity. Now, they're breaking even more barriers with the hiring of Tamera McLaughlin, a model, influencer, and the brand's first-ever little person ambassador.

I think we all know Fenty is for everyone.

Rihanna's Fenty brand, which covers lingerie, as well as makeup, is one of the most popular brands out there for a reason: Rihanna makes it a point to include everyone with her products.

We went nuts for their plus-size male models last year!

The internet was absolutely on fire with praise for Rihanna's inclusion of plus size men in her last Savage x Fenty campaign. Between the inclusion of plus-size men and drag queens, I have to declare that my favorite runway ever.

No body is left behind.

Plus sized bodies, disabled bodies, trans bodies — Fenty is a brand for every body, and it's constantly expanded to include new products and new styles for different people.

Enter: Tamera McLaughlin.

Tamera, or THEE LITTLE PERSON ™️ as she goes by on Instagram, is a 23 year-old model based out of Washington D.C. Boasting an impressive 502,000+ followers, she's the real deal every day of the week.

She started making videos on her Instagram to get Fenty's attention.

She truly spoke her dreams into existence.

"I shared my [dream] with my manager and she began to speak life into me by saying, 'You will get what your heart desires, keep posting and creating a buzz on social media,'" she told Buzzfeed.

She originally planned a campaign out herself.

"A plan was discussed to order a lingerie set from Fenty, plan an exclusive photo shoot, and hopefully gain the attention of Savage X Fenty," she said.

Instead, a miracle occurred.

"The week my ordered lingerie shipped, I got an email and it mentioned that they had somehow seen one of my viral videos and Fenty was interested in bringing me aboard as an ambassador!"


She posted the news and her exclusive shots on Twitter, and quickly went viral.

With over 90,000 likes, her tweet showing off her Savage x Fenty shoot was a certified smash. People hyped her up in the comments, congratulating her and celebrating what a milestone she had achieved with the brand.

Tamera is truly killing it.

Now that she's an ambassador, the door is open for even more opportunities. When will we see her on the Savage x Fenty runway, and can I get tickets to that show?

h/t Buzzfeed