10+ Inappropriate Movie Moments In Children's Movies That Should Have Been Cut

Children's minds are super impressionable.

It's this very reason why moviemakers shouldn't include questionable scenes in their children's movies.

We've seen everything from adult jokes to NSFW imagery to themes of death and suicide.

Curious what else? Here are 10+ inappropriate movie movements in children's films that shouldn't have made the cut.

When Shrek makes a joke about Lord Farquaad’s package in *Shrek*.

When he and Donkey arrive at Farquaad's enormous castle, he turns to Donkey and says, "Do you think maybe he’s compensating for something?”

As hilarious as this moment was, it certainly wasn't appropriate.

All of the sexual moments in *The Hunchback Of Notre Dame*.

There were a lot of them.

When Frollo sang "Hellfire," there were images of Esmeralda dancing in the smoke and fire. Then, he sings, "This fire in my skin, this burning desire is turning me to sin" and "Let her taste the fires of Hell!" Um...

When Buzz had a physical reaction to Jessie in *Toy Story 2*.

While this would have gone right over kids' heads, adults would know that Jessie had quite the reaction on Buzz since his wings shot right up...

When Kronk pitched a tent in *The Emperor's New Groove*.

He did so literally by pitching a tent over his crotch area before he fell asleep under the stars.

Adults will know that this was a sexual innuendo that's not appropriate for kids.

When *Zootropolis* alluded to *Breaking Bad*.

There was certainly a Blue Sky in the film, and we're not talking about a literal one.

In one scene, there is a lamb wearing a yellow suit who is cooking something, erm, blue...

When *The Aristocats* had racist moments.

Racist moments are littered throughout the song "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat."

While all seems fun and jolly, one of the Siamese cat is shouting “fortune cookie always wrong” while using chopsticks as a way to play the piano.

When it's revealed that Miss Piggy gets around in *Muppet Treasure Island*.

She's one saucy gal!

Her "past" is revealed when she sees Tim Curry’s Long John Silver and says, “Hello, Long John," emphasizing the "long." To this, Kermit gasps and says, “oh no, him too?!”

When Aladdin went to a harlem in *Aladdin*.

Watch any Game of Thrones episode and you'll understand that a room full of scantily-clad women is usually a brothel.

This is what Aladdin finds after he escapes from the Agrabah guards.

All of the substance abuse in *Alice in Wonderland*.

The psychedelic aspects of the film are more than obvious to adult viewers.

In addition to things being marked ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me,' there is a caterpillar smoking something out of a hookah.

When *A Bug's Life* included an outright sex joke in the film.

This happened when a fly walked up to a ladybug with the pickup line, "Hey cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug?”

Um, what! Talk about inappropriate.

When Mr. Potato Head makes a NSFW joke in *Toy Story 3*.

In a battle with Lots-o'-Huggin, a distressed Mrs. Potato Head's was upset when her lips were taken from her.

In the background as this happened, we hear Mr. Potato Head yell, “Hey, nobody takes my wife’s mouth except me!”

When Linguini makes an awkward confession in *Ratatouille*.

The adult humor in this film is subtle, so you have to pay attention!

Basically, when Linguini decides to tell Colette about Remy, he points to his crotch (where Remy is) and says, “I have this tiny…. little…” which causes Colette to wince.

When the groupies flash their "lights" in *Cars*.

Since Lightning McQueen is a famous race car, he's got his own group of groupies.

These fans aren't opposed to "flashing" him, as two cars continuously "flashed" their lights when seeing him in a crowd.

The cannibalism in *Shark Tale*.

This is definitely why the restaurant called Sushi Bowl had no customers.

They made sushi from, yup, fish. Us humans would eat this right up, but the other fish? Who wants to eat their friends?

When Thumper and Flower had a physical reaction to seeing a female in *Bambi*.

The innocence of Bambi took quite a turn.

Thumper’s body bolted upright and into a trance while Flower turned stiff and completely red! Awkward!

When Scott makes a reference to substance use in *The Santa Clause*.

When Scott took over Santa's duties after he fell off the roof, Santa's bag makes Tim Allen's character fly.

When his son, Charlie, exclaims “You’re flying!”, Scott replies, “it’s okay, I’m used to it. I lived through the 60s.”

When Barry suggests a suicide pact in the *Bee Movie*.

This premise isn't exactly kid-friendly.

Barry makes the suggestion to Vanessa when they express distress over their decision to sue the human race over the bees.

The moment Daniel decides to break his custody agreement in *Mrs. Doubtfire*.

Sure, the movie is hilarious and a classic, but that doesn't mean it's perfect!

From the moment Robin Williams' character decided to dress up as Mrs. Doubtfire, he went against the legal system by seeing his children without permission. So basically, the whole movie is kinda cringe...

When a man attempts suicide in *The Incredibles*.

This certainly wasn't an incredible moment, given that there are impressionable kids watching.

The character was shown falling from a skyscraper. Thankfully, Mr. Incredible catches him before he plummets to his death.