10+ 'Catfish' Makeup Transformations From TikTok

You must've heard of the term "catfish," right? It's when a person pretends to look one way online and then looks absolutely different in person.

However, this term has now been slightly "stolen" by people who show dramatic makeup transformation before-and-after pictures. It's the latest trend on TikTok, and I'm going to share a few good ones with you here.

1. This Drama Queen

Oh my goodness, what's going on here, ha, ha? Did this lady just transform herself into a total drama queen or what? The before picture is totally cracking me up. The final reveal is like, "Wow," no?

2. This Stunning Transformation

Oh, wow, speaking of dramatic transformations, what do you think of this one here? It's hard to tell that this is even the same lady, huh? Not that she was ugly before, but she's a stunner in the "after" picture.

3. This Innocent Makeover

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't think this was the same girl, ha, ha! I would have to take a double-take to figure it out, too. It also helps to have great lighting behind you.

4. This Quick Fix

Oh, I really like this look. I'm taking notes here while looking at it, hee, hee. I wish I could do my makeup like this, too. Is it just me, or is this makeup "catfish" thread so fun to look at, huh?

5. This Pretty Transformation

This is what happens when a pretty lady makes herself even prettier. Am I right? I don't think she needed much work here. Just a few little touch-ups, that's all. If only we all were that lucky, huh?

6. This Gorgeous Look

OMG, I wish I had mad makeup skills like this lady. How she transformed her face here is pretty impressive to me. And that hair is absolutely amazing, too. I'm in total awe of this whole look.

7. This Dramatic Reveal

Take a look at what the power of makeup can do to a person. It's like some of these ladies are wearing two faces — one with makeup and one without, huh? This "catfish" makeup challenge is so interesting to see.

8. This Unbelievable Look

Is it just me, or does this pretty lady look 10 years older with makeup on? Am I crazy or what? It's like I'm looking at two completely different people here. I kind of prefer the clean look, though.

9. This Ultimate Beauty

This is what happens when you go from a sweet, girl-next-door to a bombshell. Am I right, ladies? If only I could do it as well as this lady, I would be all set.

10. This "Pow" Moment

Seriously, if I were as good at makeup as this lady, I would be wearing it every day. Instead, I'm like, "Who cares?" lol, and I don't even bother on most days. Do you feel what I'm saying here?

So how did you like these makeup "catfish" transformations here, huh?

Weren't they impressive or what? I have to say some of these ladies have awesome makeup skills. I've already learned a thing or two from them from just watching these videos.