New Data Shows 'WandaVision' Got A Bigger Audience Than 'Bridgerton'

Someone tell Whisledown, Bridgerton is no longer the crown of the season! It seems Lady _WandaVision_has actually won viewer's hearts and minds this year.

I know, right? I'm just as shocked as you are! All we heard about all January is Bridgerton this and Bridgerton that, but apparently, we missed the real talk of the ton!

As you may recall, *Bridgerton* made big headlines last month for being the most popular Netflix show of all time.

Was this a surprise for anyone who watched the series? Of course not!

However, while we were all promenading around with the Duke, another show was reigning supreme.

WandaVision, streaming on Disney+, has been quietly building up a huge audience, and now, its popularity is being EXPOSED!

According to data provided to Variety's Intelligence Platform (from connected-TV analytics provider TVision) *WandaVision* ranked as the most-watched show in January with an indexed audience-size figure of 8,127.

For those who don't know (me five minutes ago) TVision determines viewing impressions by counting viewers who have watched a title for at least two minutes within a session of watching content for at least five minutes.

*Bridgerton* came in second with a figure of 6,808 in January.

This news is very impressive for WandaVision fans considering Bridgerton was released on Christmas Day 2020, while the Marvel TV show premiered on January 15.

But you know who the real winners are? Us! THE VIEWERS!