Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Having Her Appearance Photoshopped Without Permission

Editing and touching up photos is so common these days that practically everyone has done it once or twice — some apps that use cameras might even do it for you without you realizing, smoothing your skin, whitening your teeth, or slimming your face without you being any the wiser.

Kelly Clarkson is opening up about having the same done to her professional image without her permission.

We all love Kelly Clarkson, and she's obviously *gorgeous.*

Not only is she drop-dead beautiful, she also radiates confidence, so it's hard to believe anyone could look at a photo of her and find anything to touch up or edit!

Apparently, they have, and not always with her permission!

On *The Kelly Clarkson Show*, Kelly was talking to actress Rosamund Pike about her experiences with this.

"There are probably countless times where our image is doctored and we don't notice it because I think we're all losing a grip of what we really look like," Rosamund said about having her image altered on movie posters.

Kelly also shared her own experiences.

"I've had the same thing done to me on album covers and magazine covers and I have no part of it," Kelly went on.

"Like I'm totally fine with what I look like," Kelly explained. "I don't know how to use Photoshop; I don't even know how to Zoom, " she said by way of explaining that it's done by others.

"Does it bother you? It bothers me," Kelly asked Rosamund.

"It's like, why are you so offended by what I look like?" Kelly went on.

It's so awesome that Kelly is speaking up about this — and we can't believe anyone would ever try to photoshop this queen into anything other than her fantastic, confident, and gorgeous self!