Fans Are Divided After Kaley Cuoco Posts Golden Globes 'Loser' Photo

Now look, I am kind of a sore loser. I'm not proud of it. It's not something I pride myself on, but it's the truth.

So when I saw Kaley Cuoco's "loser" photo after she didn't win the Golden Globe award she was nominated for, I instantly connected to it. Some fans, however, aren't crazy about it.

As you may have seen, Kaley was beside herself last month when the 35-year-old was nominated for her first Golden Globe award.

She was nominated for her starring role in The Flight Attendant, a show she also produced.

"Thank you @goldenglobes #hfpa I will never ever forget this moment and I can’t stop crying ... so proud of my entire team," she wrote at the time.

On the morning of the Golden Globes, Kaley posted a chic photo of herself in a gorgeous silver Oscar De La Renta gown.

Remember this dress, we will see it again very soon.

Unfortunately for Kaley, though, the award for Best Actress in a TV Series — Musical/Comedy went to Catherine O’Hara for her role as Moira Rose in *Schitt’s Creek.*

To be fair, this was a well deserved award and the show wrapped last year!

Ms. Cuoco has plenty of time to win a GG!

In an effort to laugh off her loss, Kaley posted an adorable picture of herself FEASTING in her couture gown.

"I would like to thank...never mind !!" she captioned the photo.

It is truly a masterpiece. The longer you look, the better it gets:

The tray of mac and cheese. The "Good Luck Kaley" cake. The hair extensions on her lap. The mini tiara.

This was me every Saturday night coming home drunk from the bar from 2015-2019.

The comments soon came flooding in praising the actress for her sense of humor.

"This is truly iconic. You are truly iconic," wrote Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder.

"You won with this picture," agreed Ashley Tisdale.

"[A]lways a winner. And the winner for the best loser award goes to...." joked Kaley's friend, Ashley Jones.

However, not everyone was thrilled with the picture and noted how many people were behind the seemingly "candid" shot.

If you look in the door's reflection, you can see *many* people working behind-the-scenes to get the perfect shot.

"[There] are 8...8! people reflected in the door behind her... Nice 'candid' shot," wrote one observer.

"I count about 10 people with her. Hah wonder how many it took to set the photo up and how many shots taken before they picked [one]. Even though this is a very Kaley pic just love how celebs always make it seem like these photos are spur of the moment, quick, simple pics when there's tons going into them," agreed another.

"All the people in the mirror!!" echoed another.

"All the ‘hanger ons’ in the reflection," commented a different user.

I mean, it's Kaley Cuoco... What did you expect? She is HOLLYWOOD, daaaaaaaahling. She needs to have a GLAM squad!

People were really trying to clock her for how she was holding her pizza!

"Ya- but what did she REALLY eat out of that pile? Super silly to imply that she ate garbage when she didn’t. Be real," called out one user.


I think the picture was all in good fun!

I love that Kaley can laugh at herself and enjoy every moment of the award show, even if she didn't win!

What do you think of Kaley's pic? Let us know in the comments below!