16+ People We Could Probably Learn A Thing Or Two From

There are some seriously impressive people in the world. It isn't that you're not impressive in your own way, so don't feel bad. It's more that these people are taking things to an entirely new level.

Next stop: Rainbow Road.

Reddit | N1ckD4ng3r

Most RVs are painted dull brown and have names like "Windjammer". This RV is decked out in a Mario Kart scheme, and my goodness does it ever look awesome.

Fridge frenzy.

Reddit | Deep_Make

Remember those old marble run toys you could put together? This person built their own magnetized version and put it on their fridge.

I get it.

Reddit | megaloduh

Here's a nice, simple one: if you have a Mac sticker, along with something that says 'Fleetwood', you know what to do.

Over and out.

You know how some people are just effortlessly cool? I guess it starts during infancy for some of them.

Gone squatchin'.

Reddit | Geminiceandfire

I don't believe in Bigfoot, but I wish I could believe in Bigfoot. The owner of this pickup truck is keeping the impossible dream alive.

All the colors of the rainbow.

Reddit | bartarton

I'm an adult, so I've (mostly) graduated beyond Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. That doesn't mean I don't admire this effort, though.

In perfect harmony.

If your day starts with two eggs in a perfect yin yang formation, you just know things are going to be nice and balanced.

Perfect cord management.

Reddit | Cyb3rw0rM1

If, like me, the underside of your desk is a horror show of extension cords and random cables, just know that there's a better way.

I want.

Reddit | viletuna

I admire the craftsmanship in this felt burger with all the trimmings, but I resent the fact that it's made me hungry.

Perfect pizza dough.

Reddit | jimblenikrap

Pizza is fun to make if you know what you're doing, and whoever formed this dough ball clearly knows what they're doing.

Fairytale home.

Reddit | martytheparty13

It might not fit in with the surrounding suburbs, but this fairytale-themed house looks like it's straight out of a classic Disney movie.

Bear-y satisfying.

Reddit | Palifaith

Yogurt has nothing to do with bears, but I still really appreciate how someone's rearranged all the yogurt to form a bear.

A rose that won't wilt.

Reddit | DRooks

Someone made this for their sweetheart. If I tried to do this for my wife, I'd just wind up cutting myself really badly.

In rock we trust.

I don't know how well this repurposed coin would work as a guitar pick, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effort.

Wocka wocka wocka.

This guy is not only wearing a dapper suit in a non-formal setting, he's wearing a dapper Pac-Man themed suit in a non-formal setting.

Brick by brick.

Reddit | ApologeticKid

This person built an impressively accurate Lego representation of their house. I should muster up the effort to do something similar.

Dirty art.

Reddit | djfrisbee

Most people would mess with this dirty truck by writing 'wash me' in the dirt, but this person created legit art.

Leading by example.

Reddit | Areola_Borealis1

When you think about it, it's messed up that restaurant staff can be paid below minimum wage on the expectation that they'll get tips. It's nice to see this restaurant making changes.

Almost too pretty to use.

This looks like modern art, or maybe a fancy version of Jenga, but it's just the way this hotel stacks up its firewood. Someone at the hotel deserves a raise.

Happy anniversary!

Reddit | PolyConOne

Your significant other can never accuse you of forgetting your anniversary if you do what this guy did: rent out a freakin' billboard.

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