January Jones Stuns Fans In Iconic Golden Globes Gown 10 Years Later: 'Still (Sorta) Fits'

Half of the fun of award shows is looking at all of the beautiful fashion. There's nothing like seeing your favorite celeb in a gorgeous, perfectly hemmed suit, or a stunning, floor-length gown.

Many celebrities keep their beautiful couture pieces (as I would, too) and now, January Jones is stunning fans by fitting into her red hot Golden Globes dress from 10 years ago!

It's hard to believe 2011 was already 10 years ago.

For context, we were all jamming to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and LMFAO's "Party Rock" and people couldn't stop talking about Breaking Bad.

You know what else happened in 2011? This ICONIC fashion moment from January Jones at the 2011 Golden Globes:

I still remember watching the red carpet and being absolutely blown away by this stunning, red hot number!

Now, January is stunning fans a decade later in the same, gorgeous garment!

"10yrs later and it still, (sorta), fits," the actress captioned the post.

On her Instagram stories, she wrote: "Squeezed into this beauty today. 10 yrs ago @versace made me my dream dress for the GG awards."

She later posted a picture of herself holding a DELICIOUS looking donut.

"Part of the problem...," she joked, "also I had a child."

Hey lil' missy, you looked amazing then, and you look amazing now!