Jonah Hill Slams Body-Shamers In Emotional New Post: 'I Finally Love And Accept Myself'

Jonah Hill is known for being adorable and hilarious. His illustrious career has given fans comedy hit after comedy hit. Where would pop culture be without Superbad? I don't know, and honestly, I don't want to even think about it.

However, the actor recently got candid with fans in an emotional new Instagram post after one publication tried to body shame him by snapping pics of him while he was surfing.

For me, the hardest part about being a celebrity would be the candid paparazzi photos.

I have a meltdown when I'm tagged in an unflattering photo of myself on Facebook, and I'm a nobody. Now imagine that but on a scale that's like a BILLION times larger!

While many publications have gotten a lot better at *not* body shaming celebs, others still have ways to go.

Publishing candid photos of celebs in bathing suits, while they're unaware they're being photographed, needs to STOP!

Now, Jonah Hill is speaking out after a series of shirtless photos of himself went viral this past weekend.

"I don’t think I ever took my shirt off in a pool until I was in my mid 30s even in front of family and friends. Probably would have happened sooner if my childhood insecurities weren’t exacerbated by years of public mockery about my body by press and interviewers," the 37-year-old began.

"So the idea that the media tries to play me by stalking me while surfing and printing photos like this and it can’t phase me anymore is dope."

He continued: "I’m 37 and finally love and accept myself. This isn’t a “good for me” post . And it’s definitely not a “feel bad for me post”. It’s for the the kids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool."

"Have fun. You’re wonderful and awesome and perfect. All my love."

Okay, is anyone else crying right now? What a beautiful, and super important, message!