17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Did You Even Try?’

This world is filled with people who take pride in their work, no matter what it be. However, there are also some people who have a tendency to phone things in from time to time.

So, from the world's most insensitive wardrobe advert to the worst situation a Smart Car has ever found itself in, here are 14+ moments that made us go, "Did you even try?"

"Saw this dude in the car, it's meant to say 'Fresh Homemade Pasta.'"

Someone really phoned it in with the spelling here. Although, one person suggested, "Maybe it's not fresh, not homemade and not actually pasta."

"Fortune is ready for the cookie, boss."

They should have heeded the very advice that they were handing out. Although, can you imagine how much it would wear you down, reading little positive snippets like this all day? I wouldn't be surprised if they did this out of spite.

"Did They Even Try To Be Respectful?"

Nothing is more cutthroat than the world of wardrobe advertising. It might seem unlikely but there you go. Never get on the wrong side of the Sharps' bedroom furniture advertising team.

"My professor gave up getting his cat off his work during office hours."

Everyone knows that it is common etiquette to let your pets invade your Zoom call, never be ashamed of that and don't try to stop them. We all want to see your pets.

"The teacher texted me and told me to wake her up."

I suppose that she has at least got the papers up in front of her, so maybe she was trying to stay awake...for a moment.

Good To Know!

So, are they raising the price of pancakes or are they now advertising that they are now accepting job applications from people made from pancakes?

"Couldn't do this again if I tried."

Someone asked her if she at least took the one point for this throw, but she said that her and her friends agreed it was worth five points. Something tells me she has been practicing this for ages and is playing it off as an accident!

"Ordered my kid a 6 piece nugget meal, this is what he got in his nugget box."

"I actually asked for the 6 piece nugget meal, this is just one big nugget."

"Can't you just take six big bites and pretend it's six different nuggets?"

"I don't think that's the point."

Biking Is Sure Different From When I Was A Kid!

That is one hell of a cool bike that this fella has got that can turn into all of these other pieces of equipment. Truly, we're living in the future.

"Trust us. Just don't."

Did they even try and negotiate calmly with the local seagull population instead of starting this poisonous vendetta? Although, in fairness, I've never known a seagull who could be reasoned with.

They Actually Dry Cleaned A Plastic Bag...

This unfortunate guy explained, "Dropped my dry cleaning off in an old Aldi bag last week. Picked it up today and didn't notice I was charged for the cleaning of the plastic bag. They even heat-pressed the handles so they're nice and spiffy. The cleaning cost 3x the cost of the bag new. My wife couldn't stop laughing at me."

"Lockdown in Czech Republic..."

I like that some people have been banging on about how much healthier they've been trying to be during lockdown, and then these guys aren't even pretending to try. Respect.

"Trying their best to block table tennis in Germany!"

But, no one would ever just play over the red and white tape would they? Surely not!

"Cleared the snow, boss!"

Thank God it is a Smart car, as they could just lift it up and put it down somewhere else. This must be the first time that someone has also thought, "Thank God it is a Smart car" in any situation.

"When you really just don't care."

I would hate to be riding a motorcycle behind this truck. Especially if they hit a speed bump!

"My mom found a whole potato in the bag of french fries tonight."

I suppose that it is still a French Fry, it's just a bit of a chunky one! Looks like someone's having a baked potato.

"In the house I'm moving into the guy painted over the light-switch..."

They didn't even do a good job of painting over it! If you're going to be this dense, at least execute your idiocy well!

"Some effort was made."

Wow, I mean, this mannequin may be a bit of a weird shape, but it is still jacked as hell!

"Red Yak it gives you webbed fingers!"

As far as knockoff brands go, Red Yak didn't even try in the slightest to hide who they were ripping off. I mean, it's clearly just cheap imitation Fanta.

"Who designed these floor buttons?!"

I dread to think how many drunk people must get into this elevator and just have a nervous breakdown trying to work out which button to press.