15+ People Who Aren’t Exactly Trustworthy

This world is full of trustworthy people who dedicate their lives to being honest! However, there is also an equal amount of dishonest people out there — I mean, there are countless people who frequently vote for Ed Sheeran as the best songwriter of all time on radio call-ins, so they're either dishonest or willfully ignorant.

Anyway, that aside, please enjoy these 15+ people who aren't exactly trustworthy!

"Seems Legit..."

I like that the fact that they wrote, "Dear Wife." Makes it sound like they have also forgotten what their mother's name is.


I always thought that this was a part of the market that Taco Bell had cornered, good to see someone else branching out into this area as well.

Sign me Up!

Christ, of all of the time travel movies to be beholden to the rules of, Looper would be one of the worst. I love that film but the time travel rules are a mess.

"Umm, thanks?"

Yeah, that doesn't seem like something that Dave would want to have advertised! Still, congratulations though...I guess.

Hmmm... "Baptized" you say?

I feel like this is this church's way of saying that it is going to drown anyone who violates the parking laws!

I Smell A Liar...

It looks like this dog is right in her ear saying, "Sandra, you said you were going to change the license plate, are you gonna do it? Hey... Hey Sandra, when are you gonna do it?"

"My friend works for the USPS. This is her service dog and best friend, Herschel the Postal Pup. He takes his job very seriously!"

"So, Herschel, why do you want a job at the post office?"

"Definitely not to infiltrate your ranks and destabilize the industry from the inside on behalf of the dog armies."

"Well, that checks out!"

Includes Elbow!

Now that is a premium snowman arm! Definitely worth the price as well. I mean, it's not like they grow on trees!

"My son is suspicious about the whole birthday idea."

I've never seen a child look so unsure of a chocolate donut before! I wish that I could treat chocolate donuts with such scorn.

Seems Like An Appropriate Punishment...

"Here's your sausage and chips, guys, enjoy!"

"Timmy would have loved this..."

"Yeah, well, you should have thought of that before reading the sign and bringing him in anyway!"

"My daughters wanted to play with chalk outside. I came out to them setting up a fake crime scene."

Yes... A "fake" crime scene. Judging from the face of the child on the ground, they look like their sister is taking this game a little too seriously.

"Just trying to get my work done when I see this suspicious guy watching me."

I hate it when you live next door to a nosy neighbor. Although, it's even more annoying when it's not the occupants of the house who are nosy, but the house itself.

"The way this dog is looking at Jimmy Fallon. He knows Fallon isn't to be trusted!"

I do not know what Fallon did to betray the trust of this little fella, but he is never going to forgive him.

"The new 'Dog ate my homework' excuse for 2021."

I cannot imagine having to look my teacher in the eyes and genuinely say, "My bird pecked the keys off my keyboard," as a genuine excuse. That would require some gall...and a ridiculously naïve teacher.

"This sounds like a secretive way to tell me to poison someone."

Wow, the angry looking cowboy mascot is only adding to the somewhat murdery tone of this!

"You said we were going to the park. Liar!"

However, one other Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier owner did go on to write, "For the record, this Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier most likely is NOT scared of the vet. They simply like to be carried like that," which is just adorable.

Stay Away From This Van...

"The handprints are a nice touch, very funny! Is that just red paint?"


"My grandpa doesn't trust restaurants so he carries these in his shirt pocket. C for Carol, E for Edward."

If the choice was a set of cutlery at a restaurant or a set of cutlery procured from a dirty old cardboard sheathe, I know which one I would choose.


Perhaps the most shocking thing about this is that they would charge so much for one of the most hideously bland chairs I have ever had the misfortune of looking at!

"Don't trust anyone!"

Nothing is harder to keep ahold of than a lighter on a night out. Everyone has one friend who is always stealing lighters.