Chris Meloni Drops 'Law & Order' Spin-Off Teaser On Golden Globes Red Carpet

While red carpets are looking a little different this year, fans can still look forward to the same fabulous interviews. Let's be real, the red carpets are the best parts of these long award shows, amirite?

Now, fans are getting a juicy tidbit from Chris Meloni about his long-awaited Law & Order return!

While chatting on the ~VIRTUAL~ red carpet with E! News, Chris Meloni dropped some major news about Elliot Stabler.

When asked how his character evolved, Chris revealed some very interesting news.

"Elliot Stabler, I think has evolved. 10 years have gone on," he began.

"He's been doing work overseas. The children are grown. So his whole personal dynamic has changed. The world has changed, obviously."

HE'S BEEN DOING WORK OVERSEAS?! Naturally, fans are loosing their minds.

I cannot wait for the premiere of Law & Order: Organized Crime coming to NBC on April 1st!