Clothing Store Faces Backlash From Moms Online Over 'Mom Jeans' Photo

Picture a mom jean. They're high-waisted, tapered in the legs, and are comfortable af, right?

Marks & Spencer sure thought so, which is why they named a pair of their high-waisted jeans, "mom jeans". However, moms in the comments were none too impressed with the name.

Here are the jeans in question:

They are the definition of mom jeans. They're high-waisted, not too tight, with a bootcut leg and nice, deep pockets. It's a classic mom jean look, which is why the brand, Marks & Spencer, captioned them with the phrase "mom jeans" in their Facebook post.

Moms weren't impressed.

There seemed to be a misunderstanding in the way "mom jeans" is meant to be interpreted. They're not necessarily meant for moms, but more a type of jean a mom would wear in the '90s.

Veronica here was not impressed.

Since Marks & Spencer is an English company, she was not impressed with the use of "mom."

"Why are you using Mom rather than Mum? And please stop using that term for that style most Mums I know wear skinny or slim or boyfriend ones. "

She also had some notes for the photographer.

"The lovely lady in the photo must have had a better shot taken than this one too."

I gotta give her this one. Why is the model's mouth half-open and in the middle of a word?

Some people wanted to know where the dad jeans were.

First of all, they're all at Mark's Work Warehouse. Boom, roasted.

Second of all, I believe we call those boyfriend jeans, do we not? I don't wear jeans, so let me know.

Damn, Janet! That's cold!

Janet is saying, "NO" to a pair of white mom jeans. They are NOT for her, and she would like everyone in the M&S comments section to know it.

Lea was NOT having it.

"Since when have we been American? What are these 'mom' jeans you're so keen on showing us. Look like painters overalls to be truthful and could you not have gotten a real mum."

Lea! That's harsh!

She wanted a mom that is more realistic. Like, "The one who looks as if she hasn't slept for a week and has jammy fingerprints on those jeans..."

However, I have something wholesome for you.

Fay, whose daughter is friends with the model, Chloe, had nothing but love for the picture, the jeans, and the model herself. You go, Fay.

What do you think about the backlash? Do these moms have a point or were their reactions over-the-top?