Amazon Is Selling A Massive Inflatable Patio Dock Just In Time For Summer

You're about to wish it was summer, and it's all thanks to Amazon.

They're currently selling an inflatable patio dock, which is exactly what it sounds like: A (frankly) gigantic dock that you can inflate and take out on the water with you. Let's check it out.

See? Patio dock.

How cool is this? This is called the Island Hopper Patio Dock, and it's perfect for those days out on the water with your friends and family. It can actually hold up to 2,000 pounds worth of them! Yes, I definitely just typed that.

It's a whopping 15 feet long.

And six-feet-wide, making it an actual floating party. The top is made of durable, soft foam — perfect for lounging on — and has an inflatable pillow for maximum nap game.

It folds up small, too!

When you're ready to haul it out of the water, it folds up to 42-inches-tall and weighs 68 pounds. You can store it away on a boat or at home!

This is the height of lake luxury.

Imagine using this thing to hang out on, or even as a launcher for water sports!

You can get it for $1499.99 at Overton's, since it's currently sold out on Amazon.

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