'Enchanted Sky' Petunias Are The New Cosmic Flower To Add To Your Garden

Can you believe it's March? Do you know what that means? Spring is just around the corner, and I, for one, couldn't be happier about that.

I'm really looking forward to seeing flowers bloom, and perhaps this year, I will plant something in our backyard. If you're looking for a pretty flower to add to your garden, look no further than these petunias.

They are called "Enchanted Sky" petunias for a reason.

Why? It's because they feature violet-pink blooms with a white star and white speckles. OMG, doesn't that sound so amazing or what? I think they would wow anyone who comes to see your garden.

These pretty petunias belong to the uber-popular Sky collection.

Unsplash | Ignacio Correia

Originally, the release date of this variety was set for 2022. However, we're lucky enough to be able to buy them this year instead. Aren't you thrilled about that? I am too.

Many growers love these flowers due to their mounded habit and early flowering.

What can be bad about that, huh? If you're iching to get some early bloomers in your garden, I think these "Enchanted Sky" petunias are calling your name.

How gorgeous are these blooms, huh?

I can't get over how vibrant and pretty they look. These petunias boast a dramatic color range of eye-catching patterns. They will make beautiful finished baskets and planters. Can you imagine them hanging in your garden?

These beauties can grow anywhere from 10-16 inches long and spread from 20-30 inches.

Enchanted Sky is from the same petunia family as the Night Sky, Pink Sky, Crystal Sky, Electric Purple Sky, and Starry Sky Burgundy.

If you recall, last year, I introduced you to the "Starry Sky" Burgundy petunia.

Do you remember how gorgeous those are? Well, if you don't, here's a little reminder of what they look like here. Aww, I really love them, too.

They basically look like they have little galaxies on their petals.

If you want to see more pictures and read some information about them, make sure you do so here. I don't think you can ever have too many petunias in your garden, ha, ha!

And then there's the "Night Sky" petunia variety as well.

Oh my goodness, look at these. Aren't these so mesmerizing to look at, eh? Who knew that there were so many incredible and awe-inspiring petunias out there, huh? So many varieties to choose from, too.

These pictures convinced me — I'm planting petunias this year.

Unsplash | Benjamin Combs

That's it. I just have to do it. They will look so good in our backyard's garden. What do you think? Are you with me on this? Which one is your favorite variety?