Quotes That Feel Like They Came From Our Own Mouths

Sometimes all you need to make your day feel a little bit better is some super relatable and hilarious quotes.

There's nothing quite like enjoying words someone else wrote that you just happened to stumble upon by chance, but which you're now convinced came directly from your own mind because you're certain you've thought that exact same thing before.

If you also like being made to feel like your brain has been probed and robbed of what you thought were original thoughts and feelings, I think you're really going to like these quotes!

Maybe I'll need my college diploma on this weekend trip. Better pack it just in case.

I'm not sure what exactly we think we're preparing for when we go away for a couple of days, but I guarantee you that if you ask us if we have something, we most certainly do.

Toothpaste? Check. Fuzzy slippers? Check. Bedside lamp, a pair of reading glasses with the wrong prescription in them, and a scratched Gwen Stefani CD, even though the car doesn't have a CD player? Check, check, check.

And if those sheets just happen to be freshly washed, *oh baby*.

That's the kind of party I want to have every single night of my life. Nothing compares.

Honestly, I think that feeling is the only thing that even actually compels me to shave my legs in the first place. I mean, what other reason is there?

"And yet...I must."

There's no reason for me to spend as much time as I do browsing the "loungewear" tables at Costco. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into that place for groceries and walked out with a cart full of the same sweatpants in different colors.

Ouch, I felt that one right in the wallet.

You know what else it sounds like? It sounds like, "I'm going to ignore this for the next couple of months as it progressively gets worse because I can't fathom dropping that much money on something other than sweatpants at Costco."

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