After Receiving Both Doses, Jane Fonda Urges Fans To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine: 'It Certainly Doesn’t Hurt'

Jane Fonda is urging fans to take the COVID-19 vaccine, after completing two doses herself.

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Jane Fonda recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about life, the pandemic, and her amazing hair.

Ellen started by complimenting the 83-year-old on her stunning looks and her grey locks, to she replied: "I do [like it] too, I tell you I’m so happy I let it go grey."

“Enough already, so much time wasted, so much money spent, so many chemicals," she added.

"I’m through with that."

The pair then went on to discuss Jane receiving both COVID-19 vaccine doses.

"I’m feeling okay, I worked out yesterday, I’m lucky, I didn’t have any reaction to it."

"It certainly doesn’t hurt, I encourage everybody to get it who can get it, as soon as possible," she explained.

"But I still wear masks, and I’m still doing social distancing."

Despite getting the vaccine, Jane knows this doesn't mean business as usual:

"Things don’t go back to normal just because you have the vaccine, you can still spread it or pick it up."

Watch the full interview here.