Dog Warns Family Of House Fire By Using Ring Camera: 'Four Legged Hero'

Whether it's warning a family that there's trouble at the old mill or warning a family that the house is on fire through a security camera, dogs really have a way of saving the day.

One Orange County dog figured out the only way to alert her owner and save herself, while also possibly saving the entire neighborhood, was to use the family's indoor Ring camera. And thank goodness she did.

This dog followed her instincts when it mattered most.

Prada the poodle is only a year old, but she already knows what to do in the case of an emergency.

As the Orlando Senteniel reported, the pup was home alone when a fire started in the house. But incredibly, Prada figured out how to activate a motion alert camera in the kitchen, and her barks triggered it to come on in the nick of time.

At first, her owner didn't think much of the alert.

Unsplash | Max Kukurudziak

Most dog owners know that dogs will often bark at anything and everything, so the first alert that Prada's owner received on his cell phone while at work didn't raise much alarm.

However, when the second alert went off, her owner Nestor Gonzalez saw smoke on the camera footage, and quickly realized things at home were not okay.

Firefighters arrived quickly.

Unsplash | Daniel Tausis

By the time rescue crews showed up at the scene, the house was being consumed in flames, but thankfully they were able to safely rescue Prada unharmed from inside.

“No injuries reported, but this four legged hero, Prada, saved the day,” OC Fire Rescue tweeted.

The cause of the fire is still unknown but it is believed to have originated in the kitchen.

While their beloved dog is safe, the rest of the Gonzalez's belongings were destroyed in the devastating fire.

Unsplash | Agustín Ljósmyndun

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to help cover some of the costs of replacing everything, with a goal amount set at $15,000.

"Funds raised will be used for all of the basics and more (clothing, shoes, kitchen wares and utensils, towels, beds, sheets, comforters, toiletries, etc)," the GF post reads. "Oh, and a new bed for Prada and maybe a snack or two seems to be a good idea too. She deserves it!"

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h/t: Orlando Senteniel