'Moonflower Vine' Blooms At Night To Create A Magical Garden

Did you know that some flowers actually bloom at night? That's the case for the etherial moonflower, which opens its petals and emits its fragrance only when the sun goes down.

They've risen in popularity lately, thanks to the use of them in pop culture. And they're too pretty to miss out on!

If you've seen Netflix's "The Haunting of Bly Manor," you may know exactly what this flower is.

It's a key part of the love story between Jaimie and Dani, two women who found a way to express how they feel through a conversation about the mysterious, rarely blooming flower.

As the show explained, the flower only blooms at night.

They're native to warmer spots in North America, and they grown incredibly quickly. Since they're vines, you'll need a good place for them to stretch out and grow!

It grows annually if it's not in a subtropical environment.

If you're somewhere subtropical, you'll enjoy more blooms and more time with your gorgeous moonflowers! Who wouldn't want to see a flower bloom while sitting on their porch on a warm, summer night?

Care for them isn't too hard, either.

They need to be regularly fed and watered, but otherwise are quite simple to take care of. The only issue is making sure you have the room for it to grow!