Kirstie Alley Declares She's 'Tired' Of Modern Home Decor: 'Come On'

There's a lot to say about Kirstie Alley, but one thing you could never say about the actress is that she holds back. At all.

In fact, nothing is safe from Kirstie's critical eye. From the Super Bowl halftime performance to modern home decor, Kirstie is letting the people know what she's thinking!

Kirstie has been using Twitter like her own personal diary lately.

Who can forget when she called The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime performance "too hospital" for her?

"Ok .. this is WAY too hospital for me .. or Hannibal Lecter," she tweeted in reference to the dancer's face coverings.

Now, Kirstie is coming for modern home decor! Seemingly nothing, and no one, is safe!

Unsplash | Sidekix Media

While there's no denying the overwhelming home trend right now is the monochromatic white, grey, and beige theme — isn't that how trends work? Everyone does them for a while, and then they stop and move onto something else?

"I'm really tired of all white grey [sic] and beige houses," the 70-year-old tweeted.

Unsplash | Sidekix Media

"I’d like to see some interior design shows that use color color color like GRACE on @HGTV COME ON!!"

She concluded: "Beige is becoming the new AVOCADO of the 60’s."

Unsplash | Collov Home Design

Hmm, now that is an interesting point!

Do you agree with Kirstie? Is Beige the new avocado? Let us know in the comments below!