Mom Called 'Selfish' For Refusing To Let Family Into Her 'Mom Cave'

We've all heard of the term "man cave." It's that room in the house that men love to make their own. They add big TVs, comfortable chairs, and tons of video games and beer. Dads always bask in the glory of their "man cave," saying it's "their space and no one else's."

Recently, some moms have been opting for their own spaces, too.


Some moms are finding time to make a room or space in their home that is just for them. Why should men have all the privacy and fun, right?

Some moms make "she sheds."

Some moms make something called "she sheds," where they turn their shed into a space for them. Other moms make a "mom cave" where they turn a room in their home into their own space, too.

They just want some privacy.

Moms have difficult jobs — they are always "on." It seems they want just a small space that can be totally their own, without anyone else touching it or bothering them.

One Reddit mom shared this and asked for some advice on her privacy rules.

"I have a craft room/mom cave. I filled it with all the old mismatched furniture that doesn’t go anywhere else in our home but that I’ve refinished to reflect my nerdy interests, and my Lego sets and Funko Pops, along with all my collectibles are in there," she said.

She explained it's where she goes to relax.

"It’s where I go to just unwind — as such, I prefer it to be tidy and organized.

As such, I’ve told my husband and kids-repeatedly-that if they go in there to borrow something/play with my Legos/just to unwind, to please put things back where they found them and remove any trash/dirty dishes," she said.

However, her kids and husband don't respect it at all.

"Well, after a week of my husband borrowing my craft hair dryer, good scissors and glue gun and leaving them strewn all over the house and my kids breaking one of my larger Lego sets and leaving dirty dishes behind," she explained.

In turn, she told them they cannot go into her space anymore.

She's now forbidding her husband or kids to go into her "mom cave," and isn't budging on it. Her husband, however, thinks it's rather "selfish."

She asked the Reddit community for their input on the matter.

Many on Reddit said this mom is justified in her response.

"Countless men have had dedicated man caves or a private study, or garage that is "off limits" to the wife and kids. You allowed access with a few simple rules, and he as the adult, blatantly disrespected that. Now his access is revoked. End of discussion," one person commented.

Others said if they can't respect it, she should go one step further.

"If they disregard the ban then put a lock on it. You tried to be nice but they didn’t respect your very reasonable rules, so it’s good for them to learn there are consequences to that," one person wrote.

What do you think? Is this mom being reasonable?

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