10+ Most Unexpected Moments From Past Golden Globes

While this year's Golden Globes will look a lot different from awards shows past, one thing is for sure: The unexpected moments never stop!

In the past, we've seen everything from celebs becoming memes and Ricky Gervais never failing to roast the audience to a crisp, to so many other cringeworthy moments.

Here are 10+ more unexpected moments from past Golden Globes!

1. Anytime Ricky Gervais gave one of his controversial monologues.

Ricky Gervais, comedian and creator of The Office, is known for roasting celebs ruthlessly at the Golden Globes.

The year 2020 was no exception. “You’ll be pleased to know that this is my last time hosting these awards. I don’t care anymore,” Gervais began.

He then proceeded to roast every celebrity in the room to a burnt crisp.

For example, he called them out for using their platform to speak about important issues.

“Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg, so if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god and [expletive] off,” he said.

2. Speaking of this moment, Tonk Hanks had the best reaction to Ricky's monologue.

He was shown looking fed up, thus leading him to become a meme that Twitter went nuts over. "Put Tom Hanks in the meme Hall of Fame with Chrissy Teigen," wrote one viewer.

3. When Seth Meyers called out celebs accused in the #MeToo movement.

The late-night talk show host held nothing back at the 2018 ceremony.

“It’s time to address the elephant not in the room: Harvey Weinstein," he began in his monologue.

“But don’t worry, he’ll be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person ever booed during the ‘In Memoriam,'" he continued.

He then took on Kevin Spacey by bringing up the fact that he had been fired from House of Cards and All the Money in the World.

4. When Renée Zellweger missed her award since she was in the bathroom.

Talk about bad timing!

Hugh Grant had just started accepting her award for Nurse Betty when she joined him and admitted that she had been cleaning lipstick off her teeth.

5. When Christine Lahti was in the washroom during her acceptance speech.

Renée wasn't the only actress to be fetched from the washroom to accept her Golden Globes award.

Christine Lahti pulled this first in 1998 when she won Best Actress in a TV Drama.

6. When Rami Malek got ignored by Nicole Kidman.

This was brutal to watch. It's always uncomfortable to try and get someone's attention, only to fail.

So imagine how uncomfortable it would be for that to happen in front of millions of people...

7. When Sandra Oh called out Emma Stone for "whitewashing."

The Grey's Anatomy alum didn't miss her opportunity to throw some shade at the whitewashing in Hollywood at the 2019 awards.

Emma Stone could be heard shouting "I'm sorry!" after Oh said that Crazy Rich Asians is the "first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha."

8. When Brad Pitt gave a shoutout to an anti-diarrhea medication during his acceptance speech.

While some thank their family, manager, or God, Brad took a much, um, different route in 1996.

He later explained that he takes it for his nervous stomach.

9. When Jeremy Renner checked out Jennifer Lopez's cleavage.

This happened when the two were presenting the award for Best Drama Miniseries at the 2015 ceremony.

After Jennifer asked if she should open the envelope since she has the nails, Renner ogled her chest and said, “You’ve got the globes, too.”

When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the 2014 Golden Globes.

Name a better duo than these two. We'll wait.

During their monologue, they took hits at Hollywood's leading men while staying hilarious and relatively respectful (take note, Ricky).

Here's the dig they made at George Clooney:

“Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

Boom. Roasted.

10. When Lady Gaga got some side-eye from Leonardo DiCaprio.

This awkward moment took place at the 2016 Golden Globes. The American Horror Story star had brushed by Leo on her way to the stage.

When she did, he made this face at 1:20.

11. When Mel Gibson and Ricky Gervais confronted each other on stage.

After years of being the butt of Ricky's jokes, Mel had had enough.

"I love seeing Ricky once every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy," Mel said while on stage with Ricky. He also threatened to "put him to sleep."

12. When Emma Stone had this awkward hug fail.

The Easy A star was all about the love at the 2017 awards. She had wanted to give La La Land writer and director, Damien Chazelle, a hug after he won Best Screenplay.

But things got super cringeworthy when Damien went to give his wife a hug first.

13. When Nicole Kidman tried to give her husband a kiss, but failed.

Yikes, this is hard to watch.

Nicole was just trying to give her hubby, Keith Urban, a kiss after she won an award. But the timing was off, making it so that she missed his lips.

14. When Natalie Portman called out the Hollywood Foreign Press.

As a proud feminist, the actress never misses an opportunity to call out gender inequality.

She did so at the 2018 awards when she said, "here are the all-male nominees" for the Best Director Award.

15. When Jason Momoa wore a tank top.

Talk about breaking protocol! This was a bold choice, considering the tradition for men is suit and tie, even while at the tables.

But did he pull it off? Yup! It's Jason Momoa, after all. We'll take a view of those biceps anytime.

16. Beyoncé and Jay-z arrived fashionably late to the 2020 Awards Show.

It had been more than a decade since Beyoncé had attended the Golden Globes and she meant to make an entrance.

She and her husband, Jay-Z, arrived more than an hour after the show began.

17. Michelle Williams stands up for female reproductive rights.

Michelle chose the moment during her acceptance speech to stand up for abortion rights and a woman's right to choose.

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without employing a woman's right to choose. To choose when to have my children, and with whom," she said.

18. When Elizabeth Taylor went completely off-script on stage.

Elizabeth Taylor appeared to have had too much to drink during the 2001 Golden Globes.

She opened the envelope and nearly declared the Best Picture winner before announcing the nominees. Luckily, Dick Clark stepped in at the last minute.

19. Bette Midler's very punny joke leaves the audience in stitches.

Bette Midler has been a straight-up savage for her entire career. While accepting her Golden Globe, Bette began channeling the spirit of Joan Crawford.

The star then motioned to her breasts and proclaimed aloud, "I'll show you a pair of Golden Globes!"

20. Jacqueline Bisset's nonsensical acceptance speech.

Jacqueline is proof of why you should always prepare a speech ahead of time. Even the great orators of the age needed prep work, and though Jacqueline may be a phenomenal actress — her public speaking needs work.

21. The time Jack Nicholson admitted he was high.

I guess after you win seven Golden Globes, the fuzzy feeling of accomplishment begins to wane. Jack not only appeared surprised, but completely aloof.

After ribbing his fellow castmates on stage, Jack then admitted to popping a Valium before the ceremony.

22. When Jodie Foster announced she was gay...or did she?

This is somewhat difficult to watch because it appears that in the middle of Jodie's out and proud proclamation, she all of a sudden has a change of heart.

Instead of saying that she's gay, Jodie announces that she's...single?

23. Edie Falco was literally speechless accepting her award.

It's not that Edie was so overcome with emotion, it was that she didn't have a voice to speak.

The former star of The Sopranos was battling a severe case of laryngitis at the time.

24. Meryl Streep calling out former president Donald Trump.

Did you ever witness your best friend getting absolutely chewed out by their parents as a kid? OK, now imagine that same anxious feeling and then times it by 10,000.

I was getting chills listening to Meryl ripping Donald a new one. I can only imagine how he felt.

25. When all the 2018 attendees wore black as a sign of support for the #MeToo Movement

The Golden Globes are normally awash in all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. But in the wake of the Time's Up and #MeToo Movements, something needed to be done.

As a sign of solidarity, the theater was washed in a sea of black.

26. The time that Andy Samberg and Sandrah Oh stopped the show to give the audience flu shots.

The look of shock on Willem Dafoe's face says it all — this skit did not go over well.

Just mere seconds after a group of doctors filed into the auditorium, the music begins to play and the cameras cut to commercial.

27. Elisabeth Moss giving the middle finger to the mani-cam.

Elisabeth Moss is a boss, plain and simple. She'd had enough of the incredibly divisive and ever-so-sexist mani-cam on the red carpet, and decided to bite back.

Instead of flashing her nails, she flipped the bird.

28. Emma Thompson won't put down her martini.

Emma was presenting the award for Best Screenplay and decided to walk onto the stage carrying her uncomfortable high-heeled shoes in one hand, and a dry martini in the other.

When it came to announcing the winner, instead of putting down the glass to open the envelope — Emma threw her shoes.

29. When Angelina Jolie jumped in the pool after winning for *Gia*.

If there's one thing you can say about Angelina Jolie, it's that she follows through on her promises.

She'd said earlier in the night that if she won, she'd wind up in the pool. We should have seen this coming.

30. Oliver Stone being escorted off stage after winning Best Screenplay.

When Oliver Stone won for Best Screenplay, he decided to use that moment to rail against the U.S. prison system.

His speech was met with a chorus of hissing and heavy boos. Once Oliver was off the stage, he was asked to leave the Awards Show.

31.Isaac Mizrahi groping Scarlet Johansson on the red carpet.

The only thing worse than Isaac Mizrahi publicly sexually assaulting Scarlett on the red carpet was his completely insincere apology. Isaac compared his groping to a doctor asking a patient to cough.

Well, Isaac, Scarlett isn't your patient.