14+ Times People Didn’t Think Before They Acted

Daily life can be full of various obstacles that we have to try and overcome. However, some people can find these obstacles a little tricky to deal with.

From unfortunate people who don't know a "but" from a "butt" to people who accidentally sacrificed their hands to satan, here are 15+ times people didn't think before they acted.

One Letter Can Make All The Difference.

I mean, if you're driving with your butt then it is likely that you will get into a crash, I'm assuming that is what they mean, right?

"Failure is not an option."

Why would they possibly think that this was a good place for a grate or a door, depending on which came first!

"Saw this dude in the car, it's meant to say 'Fresh Homemade Pasta.'"

Maybe he is actually selling fersh hmoedame psata, it could be a local delicacy? It sure sounds...interesting.

The Peak Of Security!

I never thought that anyone could be this dense, and yet here we are. Pray for the future of humanity.

"Why is there braille on the number pads if blind people won't be able to read the numbers behind the screen?"

Vending machines are torturous enough to use without there being an element of chance to the whole encounter.

"Location sealed, boss!"

Well, one thing is for sure, I don't think I'd be trying to sneak past this barrier with a sign like that on it.


That is making my blood pressure rise just by imagining being on that ride. Anyone who works in health and safety should look away now for their own mental health and safety.

"The last thing you see as you're wheeled into the OR for open heart surgery is this misspelled plaque."

Yeah that really isn't going to give anyone a vote of confidence is it. Especially when they find out that the person who made this plaque is also the one working on their heart!

"My friend had quite the haircut when he was younger. Ladies, please contain yourselves."

I have nothing but admiration for this kid for going through with this look. I mean, I'm sure that he might regret it now, but it was...bold to say the least!

"Almost. Not quite."

I like the idea that they just tried three different spelling with the thought process that, "At least one of them has to be right, surely?"

"I must be remembering what bananas look like wrong."

If an Australian ever offers you a slice of banana bread, don't take any. It won't taste like you're expecting.

*Satanic Chanting*

Don't satanise your hands guys, I did it once and now my fingers keep demanding sacrifices to the dark lord.

"Took care of the banner, boss."

Wow, you would have thought that at least one person would have picked up on this mistake before it went to print!

"Some things just don't translate onto paper gracefully."

"Can you help me get the mouse off the screen and onto the newspaper?"

"No. No one can help you do that."

"Someone thought I'd died because I quit Facebook and sent my family a sympathy card."

Christ, can you imagine making such a dramatic leap as to think that someone leaving Facebook meant they were dead? That's just insane!

"An example of poor [footwear] choice here in New Zealand."

I know that they were probably going very slowly, but I like to imagine that they were absolutely razzing it around with this fella fridge surfing on the roof!

"My company wanted to make our fountain pink for breast cancer awareness. Didn't quite get it right."

Well, at least they have a great idea for what they can do at Halloween now. The sentiment was there though, which counts...sort of.

"He told me to quit my PhD program and punch my supervisor in the mouth on my way out."

I think that this service definitely deserves more than $1. My brain always provides me with bad advice on a daily basis though, so I don't think that I need to pay for it.

"Something tells me this isn't quite legal..."

I love that they didn't even try and write it neatly, they just scrawled it on like a message left behind in a zombie apocalypse.

"When you really just don't care."

I like that he took the time to put all four of these straps on though, if he only had one or two on then it wouldn't do anything.