Man Cuts In Front Of Soldiers Lined Up To Order Breakfast And Pays For Their Meals

Usually when someone cuts ahead in a public line, it's not a sign of friendliness and can usually lead to an argument.

However, this was one exceptional case that not only didn't lead to conflict, it led to collective celebration and kindness when one man decided he couldn't wait to do a kind deed and jumped right to the chase.

It started as a normal day at a local diner.

As Western Journal reported, a man and his son decided to grab breakfast at Jack’s fast food restaurant in Holly Pond, Alabama. While there, he noticed there was a group of soldiers waiting in line to order their food.

Few people could have guessed what would happen next when the man suddenly cut ahead of the soldiers in line.

He decided to pay for all of their meals.

Parvez AzarQaderi l Unsplash

The soldiers and the cashier were all taken aback by this sudden act of kindness.

He bought about 12 meals that day, not including his own, and thanked each of the soldiers for their service. A man who witnessed the entire sequence of events sent a picture to his son, who later shared the story on Facebook.

His son was so touched by the generosity of the man in blue that he decided to share the story with the world where it quickly and understandably went viral.

People were truly touched by this story.

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After the story was posted on Facebook, people flooded the comments to express how impressed and inspired they are by the man's actions. Many also identified the man in the photo as Jeremy Williams, whose incredible generosity, they said, was certainly not out of character for him.

Levi Lawrence, the man who posted the picture online wrote, " WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU SIR!"

Someone else added, "God bless him and his family! And thank all of the service men and women for their service!"

Stories like this remind us of the power of kindness.

It's true, the man in the blue shirt didn't have to do anything for the soldiers, but he wanted to. This story reminds us that it's a powerful thing when we go out of our way for others and consider what may make them happy.

Let us know in the comments if you feel like following this great example of kindness.

h/t: Western Journal