Proud Golden Retriever Parents Snuggle Up To Gaze At Their 7 Newborn Puppies

It looks like we have you more than covered for the cutest dog video of the day with this adorable video of new golden retriever parents staring lovingly at their newborn puppies.

Family is beautiful, and there's nothing quite like a cute new dog family to warm your heart and brighten your soul.

Don't mind us, we just died of cuteness overload.

With more than 15 million views and a ton of gushing comments still coming, it's safe to say that the entire internet has fallen in love with this furry family.

This video includes plenty of snuggles as the row of rainbow-colored scarves keep the puppies comfy and easy to distinguish from one another.

It won't be long until these bundles of joy are running the house.

Although their parents are first timers, they seemed to take to it naturally. In fact, they've already mastered assigning puppy watching shifts.

It looks like dad is first, as he lets their most likely exhausted mom get some much need rest while the pups continue to explore their new world.

Golden Retrievers are truly special dogs.

Helena Lopes

They're charming, smart, energetic, loyal and basically every dog super power wrapped into one, and with a litter of seven puppies, this family is going to be pretty darn spectacular.

Their story has gone viral.

We're pretty sure we just discovered the ultimate power couple, and apparently so has the rest of the world. People have been following this dog couple's story from the beginning over on the Viral Paws Facebook page, and it melts our hearts to see such a gorgeous happily ever after for the doggies.

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