Brooke Shields Is Learning How To Walk Again After Breaking Her Femur

Brooke Shields is one of the most iconic, original supermodels of all time. Back before taking selfies in your bathroom mirrors made you a model on Instagram, you had to have actual talent for modeling.

Back in the day, Brooke was the IT girl! In the '80s she partied with all the coolest celebrities, all while maintaining the reputation of being a hardworking sweetheart.

Now, the people's hearts are breaking as the former supermodel shares an update on her health after breaking her femur.

Getting older is hard. *I know, right?* Is there an award for the most obvious statement ever?

While you may have the same energy and get-up-and-go for life that you had in your 20s, your body doesn't totally feel the same way. It's so much easier to hurt yourself when you're older, which seems so unfair!

Or, you might be like me, and *don't* have the same energy at all.

Let's just say I was more than fine when life started to slow down.

Do you know who's life hasn't slowed down much since the '80s and therefore can't relate to us?! Brooke Shields!

The supermodel, who will be 56-years-old in May, is still working hard and entertaining her 1.2 MILLION Instagram followers.

There is nothing I love seeing more than an actress I grew up with still looking beautiful as ever! It gives me HOPE!

So when I heard Ms. Shields had broken her femur (that's the thigh bone if you didn't know — I didn't know and had to Google it) I was devastated!

Posting a video of herself walking in crutches, Brooke wrote:

"Broke my femur. Beginning to mend. No matter what your challenge is, make a positive choice, for yourself, to move forward. #BeginningisNow."

In the video, Brooke can be heard speaking to a medical professional as they walk the hallway. "There's only 20% weight," she said while counting her steps. "The goal is to bend your knee each time like a little bit, just so you're not dragging it or hitching up your hip, correct?"

The actress quickly received an outpouring of love from her Hollywood friends.

"Oh crap honey I'm so sorry let me know how you're doing R u home out west I can bring food," wrote Sharon Stone.

"Brooke! So sorry! Courage ... it's in your blood. Sending love." echoed Glenn Close.

We're wishing Brooke a speedy recovery!