Quotes For Anyone Who's Going To Keep Their Side Part, Thank You Very Much

According to Gen Z, skinny jeans and side parts are out and baggy pants and middle parts are in.

We suspect this is their way of calling millennials old, and it's not so cute. We've compiled quotes for those that feel like Gen Z has a lot to learn if they think anyone is going to pass up their cute side parts or their adorable skinny jeans.

This quote suggests it's time to call the Gen Z fashion police silly.

Once upon a time people were worried about what trends they fit into and if their clothing met the "cool" criteria, but high school is over and it's time for adults to be officially over it. After all, freedom is something that simply never goes out of style.

This one is for those who know millennials have always set their own rules.

It would seem that not many people expected side parts and skinny jeans to be the so-called fashion fail of the new generation. However, millennials have always marched to the beat of their own drums, and since there's roughly 80 million of them, it's safe to say who's calling the shots.

This is one for those noticing we have some cry-babies on our hands.

This may be a case of teenagers feeling more than a little salty about having to follow the rules of authority. We all did out time though, there's no need for Gen Z's to get their bag pants in a knot just because millennials can wear whatever they want whenever they want.

Here's one for those that mean serious business.

We can see that this debacle has turned into an all out fashion war. People are feeling passionate and it's not surprising why, skinny jeans were an entire vibe and they still are. Plus, most of us are still loving on our iconic side parts.

Let us know in the comments if any of these quotes resonated with you.

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