Mom Warns Parents Online After Toddler Receives Electrical Shock From A Phone Charger

Toddlers are constantly on the move. You have to watch them like a hawk. They can get into tight spaces, put their fingers into places they're not supposed and so on.

This one mom learned the hard way that little kids do things we might not expect them to do. So now she's warning other parents to be as prepared as they can be.

CPR Kids recently shared a post on their Facebook page.

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It comes as a warning from one mom to other parents of toddlers. This mom accidentally left one of her phone's charges, not even thinking it would be such a big deal.

What happened next sounds like a parent's worst nightmare.

One mom's toddler got a hold of the charger. She then attempted to plug the charger in the wrong way. Unfortunately, this little girl did it incorrectly, and that's why it caused a problem.

What ended up happening was that she tried putting the phone part of the charger into the outlet.

The power strip was already plugged into the wall. It actually happened right in front of her mom's eyes. She just didn't have enough time to stop it.

The next thing the mom heard was a pop.

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Then sparks flew, and what looked like a flame appeared, followed by black smoke. If that wasn't scary enough, you might not believe the next part. It's pretty upsetting to hear.

The little girl actually got thrown a few feet across the living room.

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I can't even imagine what this mom must've felt at that moment. She must've been so scared and concerned for her daughter. The girl was quiet at first, and then she started crying and screaming.

She had to stay in the ER overnight for observation.

The doctors found an entry wound but not an exit, so this was a concern to them. They needed to make sure the electric shock didn't damage this little girl's heart.

This mom thought she did everything right.

She baby-proofed her entire house. She even installed outlet covers, door stoppers, baby gates, stove knob covers, and such. But unfortunately, she never thought a simple phone charger could be such a dangerous thing for her toddler to find.

See, babies and toddlers mimic everything we do.

So this little girl must've seen her mom plug her phone charger into the power strip. She simply followed suit, but sadly she did it incorrectly. This mom wanted to share her story to warn other parents about the dangers of it.

Wow, have you ever heard of such an accident?

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Thankfully, this little girl is safe. All she has is a bruise on her hand that will eventually go away. But I'm sure this whole experience will change the way this mom does things.

"Needless to say all power strips will be hidden in spots she can not get [to] from now on," the mom said in her post.

I'm glad she warned other parents not to make the same mistake.

h/t Babyology