10+ Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Post Baby Bodies

Among the pressure to look and act a certain way, female celebs feel the added pressure to "bounce back" after having a baby.

While some take this pressure head-on by going from the hospital to the gym, others give their bodies permission to recover at a slow pace.

Here, 10+ celebs open up about their post-baby bodies — the good and the bad.

1. Chrissy Teigen

The star has never been afraid to be outspoken. After giving birth to her first child, she shared post-baby body advice to E!.

"You just realize you have to give yourself time and understand that you pushed out a baby, and it took this long to put on the weight, and it's not going to peel right off, and that's OK."

2. Kylie Jenner

While Kylie kept her pregnancy with Stormi pregnant, she hasn't been shy to speak out about her post-baby body.

"My boobs are three times the size, which bothers me. I have stretch marks on my boobs. My stomach isn't the same, my waist isn't the same, my butt's bigger, my thighs [are] bigger," she said in a YouTube Q&A.

3. Blake Lively

Since she filmed The Shallows two months after giving birth to her first daughter, she felt pressure to lose the baby weight by hiring a nutritionist and two personal trainers.

"It's not normal to look like that eight months after having a kid," she told The Sun.

4. Mila Kunis

While a lot of women aren't exactly pleased with their post-baby bodies, the That '70s Show star was digging her changes.

"Boy did these things grow," she said to Conan O'Brien about her breasts. "I'm like, 'Wow, check it out!'"

But when she had her second child, Dimitri, she was candid about the weight she gained.

She told Entertainment Tonight that losing weight wasn't easy. "I hate someone who's like, 'This is all natural.- [expletive]."

5. Olivia Wilde

After giving birth to her son, Otis, the actress found herself "softer" than she's ever been.

"The truth is, I'm a mother, and I look like one," she wrote to Shape magazine, adding that she doesn't strive for perfection.

6. Anne Hathaway

"There is no shame in gaining weight during pregnancy (or ever)," the actress shared on Instagram in 2016, alongside a picture of jeans that she had cut into shorts to fit her thighs.

"Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink. It's all love (don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she added.

7. Ashley Graham

We can always count on the model to celebrate her body at any size.

In addition to sharing many photos of her postpartum body, including stretch marks, she posted a naked selfie.

"nakie big girl," she captioned the pic.

8. Keira Knightley

After the Atonement actress welcomed her child, Edie, she refused to put pressure on herself to fit back into her jeans.

"It's a different body, as it should be, because it's done an extraordinary thing," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I thought I was going to go, 'God, I've got to get back into shape.'"

9. Drew Barrymore

The star didn't mince words when it came to struggling to accept her new body after having kids.

"It's hard to stay positive and love yourself. You feel like a kangaroo with a giant pouch; everything's saggy and weird," she told Glamour.

10. Zooey Deschanel

The New Girl star believes that there should be a new way of looking at post-baby bodies.

"To expect someone to look like her pre-baby self immediately is odd," she told Redbook, adding that birthing a human is no small thing.

11. Kerry Washington

The Shameless actress proved how she felt about her post-baby body when she slammed tabloids for writing that she was working out so soon after giving birth.

She told People that she didn't want the lies to make other women feel pressure.

12. Hilary Duff

The star wasn't pleased to read articles like “Hilary Debuts Post Baby Body” just sixteen days after giving birth to her son, Luca.

“It was so hard to connect with my body again once I had a baby," she told Women’s Health.

13. Kristen Bell

When the Frozen star started having kids with husband, Dax Shepard, she refused to worry about how she looked.

"I had to surrender to not worrying about the way I looked, how much I weighed, because that's just part of the journey of having a baby," she told Redbook.

14. Amy Adams

Pregnancy did more for the Leap Year actress than just give her her daughter, Aviana Olea Le Gallo.

It also helped her understand her "true relationship" with her body. "Meaning that it wasn’t put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit,” she said.

15. Pink

"Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese," the singer posted three months after giving birth to her and Carey Hart's son, Jameson.

"I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself."

16. Kim Kardashian

She may have nutritionists and trainers on speed dial, but she wrote on her app in 2016 that she struggled to lose her baby weight.

"It isn't easy to just bounce back," she wrote.

"I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds," she continued.

"And then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant, lol. That's not me."

17. Kate Hudson

Two months after her baby daughter Rani Rose was born, the actress wasn't shy to admit that she wanted to shed 25 pounds.

"I am on a mission right now to get back to my fighting weight ;)," she wrote, adding that she wanted her "strong body/mind back."