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Exploding Nail Polish Remover Exists And It's Absolutely Wild

We've seen plenty of viral nail trends take off and soar through social media, but there's one viral nail trend that reaches even farther than those.

Exploding nail polish remover seems to be starting a new nail polish removing trend, and it's really wild to see.

People have been trying the trendy 'exploding' nail polish remover that's popping up in sponsored ads on social media.

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YouTuber Christine Rotenburg over at Simply Nailogical decided to give it a try.

In her YouTube video, she showed some demos of the product, and it looks like it sort of shrivels up and peels off.

YouTube | Simply Nailogical


Well, like many of us looking at this right now, Christine was a bit sus.

So, she tried it out six different bottles for us, noting that there were no ingredients listed on any of the bottles, which was pretty sketchy to her.

She also shared that there are noteworthy people in the nail polish community who don't believe the product is safe.

But she tried it out anywhere, and here are her results.

It did seem to peel off pretty easily, but is it worth it?

YouTube | Simply Nailogical

Honestly, just stick to your normal remover — it's best to trust the professionals!

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