Mom Hosts A 'Period Party' For Young Girls To Make Menstruation Positive

Many girls go through life anticipating the day that they will become a "woman" and get their period. However, society often looks down upon menstruation and keeps "period talks" hush-hush and private. However, it's a natural part of every woman's life that they will go through this cycle.

Many girls get their period in their early teens.

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According to studies, most girls get their period from ages 10-15. While most teens take health classes in school, some girls get their period earlier than that.

Many parents talk to their daughters about their period.

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While parents talk to their daughters about the changes their bodies are going through, few "celebrate" the changes and make it fun.

One mom is here to change the narrative around periods.

Shanicia Boswell decided she would find a new way to celebrate and discuss periods with girls after her own daughter began asking her about periods.

The mom posted a video of the two having a conversation about periods.

"We have this video online where I'm explaining to her what a period is, and she's telling me what she thinks. And I realized that this is just something that we don't talk about — our menstrual cycles. We still go to the grocery store to buy pads and tampons, and we'll hide the box of pads," she said in an interview with The Today Show.

After having "the talk", she realized society has looked down on mensuration for years.

“The female period has been stigmatized for so many years. It's something that we've had to hide, and almost be made to be ashamed of," she said.

Bowell became inspired to create the "Period Party."

The annual event features panels with experts who share information about menstruation and health for women.

The party also teaches women important things about their body.

Bowell is looking to also end the stigma around periods and mensuration, trying to make it more normalized to talk about in society.

The parties are for education and connection.

“A lot of women have had very negative experiences with their menstrual cycles just because they were never told about them. They don't know about their bodies," she said.

The mom says she wants to create positive experiences for young girls.

“I created the Period Party for young girls so that they could grow up having a positive experience with the menstrual cycles," the mom added.

How wonderful!

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