Pregnant Mom Worried Her Baby Name Idea Is 'Too Sexy'

When it comes to family planning, one of the biggest challenges for couples comes from picking a baby's name. Oftentimes, couples argue about certain things such as who the baby is named after or what name they decide to go with.

A name is something that's very important for children.

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The name we give our children is a part of who they are, how they will be identified, and how they will see themselves in the world. No wonder it's such a hard process.

Sometimes, names can have certain connotations.

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Sometimes, society gives us reasons to associate certain names with specific things. Like, for example, if there was someone you disliked from your childhood, you definitely wouldn't want to use that name for your own children.

You also don't want your child to be made fun of.

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Some parents test out names and ask others if they like it, to make sure that there is nothing they're missing that could lead to playground teasing. The last thing parents want is for their child to be made fun of.

Recently, one mom was struggling with her future baby's name for a pretty big reason.

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Mumsnet user LokiGunn wrote into the popular mom website asking for advice on whether or not the name for her daughter was "too sexy."

She loves the name "Ruby."

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"We are due a baby girl and have always loved the name Ruby, it has sentimental family connections... but coupled with our surname I'm just not sure," she said.

The mom said her last name, coupled with Ruby, reminded her of a "dancer's name."

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"Her name would be 'Ruby Hart', does she sound like a burlesque performer? Nothing wrong with that profession, but not sure I want it connected to a baby and would she be taken seriously as an adult," she asked.

Many weighed in with their own thoughts.

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"Sexy is a weird way to describe it, I think it's a beautiful name but Ruby Hart to me does sound like a stage name. Still a nice name, though," one person commented.

Some agreed with the mom that it was "too sexy."

"Yes sorry, Ruby Hart doesn’t sound great. Sounds like a Playboy bunny or dancer," someone responded to the mother.

Another mom added that she agreed, too.

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"I like Ruby but I'm afraid I do think combined with Hart it sounds like a name of a burlesque act," one mother said.

A commenter added it sounds rather specific.

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"I don’t think it’s sexy but I do think it sounds like a name of a character in a crap detective novel," one person said.

However, many said it was a great name.


"No it isn't too sexy. I like it a lot. Some people might raise eyebrows but I'd love to have that name myself. I think it's fab," someone added.

Others said it's a "strong name."

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"I really like it and think it’s a strong-sounding name. Ruby did have a surge in popularity a little while ago, but that’s because it’s a lovely name and that wouldn’t put me off at all," another said.

One person said it's a "pretty name."

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"I think it sounds lovely tbh, 'Ruby' isn't too unusual nor is it super common and 'Hart,' as [people] said, is a generic enough surname. 'Ruby Hart' would make me think nothing more than, 'That's a pretty name,'" another user said.

And, one person had the best idea to forgo the "sexy" problem.

"Go for S.Hart. Far from sexy," one person said. Okay, that one made me LOL! Hopefully, this user was kidding with their suggestion.

What do you think, though? Do you love this name idea or do you think it's "too sexy"?

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