Study Shows People Have Been Nicer To Each Other Since The Pandemic Began

During times of crisis, many people have a way of coming together and trying to fight for the collective good.

When so many people around the world have been suffering during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in random acts of kindness. In fact, a recent study has concluded that people have actually been shown to be nicer during the pandemic.

People are working to show more concern for one another.

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According to the Independent, Travelodge conducted a survey of about 2,000 participants and found that people have been doing more to give back to their communities during the outbreak.

From donating to local food banks to surprising strangers with gifts, and even simply keeping more in touch with loved ones, people expressed that they're doing a lot more for others now than before the pandemic began.

Kindness seems to have the domino effect.

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The study concluded that one third of people believe that random acts of kindness during the pandemic are contagious and have created a domino effect that has the potential to help perhaps even save others during such difficult and uncertain times.

Leadership can be the biggest inspiration.

Some people have been particularly inspired by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, the World War II veteran who raised millions of dollars during the pandemic for charity.

Although he sadly passed earlier this year, he legacy certainly still lives on.

Hotel staff have been dedicated to doing their part, too.

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Travelodge has been doing their part by helping communities in need.

“We are so proud of our 563 UK hotel teams that go the extra mile every day for their guests and for their local community," Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmed said, as per the Independent. “Their kindness is making a real difference to people’s lives, whether it is helping flood victims, making goody bags for NHS guests or helping a homeless person with a new start in life.”

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h/t: Independent