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Alpacas Visit Long-Term Care Facilities To Cheer Up Residents During Pandemic

We've heard of therapy dogs and therapy cats, but most of us have never heard of therapy alpacas.

Okay, so, these aren't official therapy alpacas, but they definitely delivered a lot of joy to residents at the long-term care facility, Chartwell Parkhill in Ontario, Canada.

The visit from the alpacas was quite the special occasion.

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While quarantine has taken a toll on so many people, the pandemic has placed an extra undue burden on those living in long-term care facilities.

So, a visit from three cute and friendly alpacas made all of the difference for the residents.

It was truly a day to remember.

As residents sat by the windows, they were treated to the wide-eyed alpacas looking right back at them.

As CBC News reported, residents smiled, giggled and some even decided to talk to the them. The three alpacas, Ned, Floyd and Jimmy, were more than happy to visit, and will even return for many more visits to come.

Some residents even made signs.

Residents were told ahead of time about the alpaca visit, and they came prepared.

Not only were they seated by the windows on time, they decided to prepare some questions, and some even made signs.

For Sylvan Alpacas owners Nick and Steph, it was an emotional visit. They were happy their alpacas could pay such a delightful visit, but became sad when it was time to leave the often lonely residents.

The alpacas will also be touring other care homes.

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It looks like these alpacas are so popular that they've got a few more scheduled appearances at other care homes.

It's great to know that wherever they go next, these cuties are determined to spread some happiness.

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h/t: CBC News