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Man Adopts Dog With Massive Tumor To Spend His Final Days With A Loving Family

When a terminally ill dog with a cancerous tumor on his head was repeatedly sent back to the shelter, one man decided he wanted to give this poor pooch the happiest, most love-packed final days possible, News24 reported.

Originally known as Coco, the pup was renamed Thanos by his new owner to celebrate his strength, as the Avengers character also "endured great battles."

Thanos was adopted and returned to an animal shelter in Brazil not once, not twice, but four times.

Each owner found it difficult to care for the ailing pup, particularly after his cancer was deemed terminal and he was given only 40 days to live.

A woman named Griselda Herrera rescued the dog from the shelter and began plastering his face all over social media, hoping to find him a loving home for his final days. And one person was so moved by Thanos' story that he set out to bring the pup home with him.

Luciano Karosas, 21, looked past Thanos' facial tumor and diagnosis and saw a dog who just needed a loving family.

"It took me a while to come to terms with the idea that we don't have much time together," he admitted. "I even took him to a vet who works with stem-cell treatments to see what we could do."

He added, "I was looking for a ray of hope, but he told me there's nothing that can be done to extend his life."

Despite the dog's terminal prognosis, Luciano decided to make the best of the little time they had together.

His Instagram account shows the inseparable pair embarking on adventures in the car, goofing around at home, and enjoying lazy cuddles in bed.

"On a day like today, it is good to remind them they are beautiful beings, how much we love them, and how much good they do for us," Luciano wrote in one post of him giving Thanos loving belly rubs.

Luciano did as much as he could to make sure Thanos' last days were full of love and joy.

Just a few days shy of being together for two months, Thanos succumbed to his cancer and passed away with his loving owner by his side.

"See you soon sweet love," Luciano wrote in the Instagram post announcing the pup's passing. "I will love you forever, potato baby. Have a nice trip."

During their time together, Thanos and Luciano developed a devoted fan following.

The farewell post got nearly 13,000 likes with many users expressing both their sorrow for Thanos' passing, as well as their praise for Luciano giving the pup such wonderful final days.

"Thank you for making him happy to the end," one user wrote, while another added, "God bless you for the love you gave this dog."

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