The Paddy Wagon Pub

This Inflatable Irish Pub Is Like A Boozy Bouncy Castle For Grownups

Any dedicated drinker knows the ultimate dream is enjoying a quality pint of Guinness inside an actual, authentic Irish tavern. But unfortunately for those of us located on the wrong side of the pond, flights to Ireland aren't cheap, so we have to make do with what we have here.

Go to any town and you'll be able to find plenty of Irish pubs. But wouldn't it be great if you could get that same pub experience in your own backyard?

The people at PaddyWagon have come up with the ultimate upgrade to those regular garden parties you know and tolerate.

The Boston-based company has developed the world's first inflatable Irish pub, so you can make every day St. Patrick's Day and celebrate anywhere and everywhere — just as long you've got some level ground to set up the pub on, of course.

This 33-foot blow-up building is available for rent, and promises to add a proper Irish touch to any get together.

The company's website says renters will get the ultimate "Irish experience", especially if they opt for some of the option add ons.

In addition to the pub, you can also get traditional Irish food, drinks, and entertainment, as well as hire staff who are "certified and seasoned in the time-honored trade of the traditional Publican."

To put it simply, you'll basically have the best St. Patrick's Day party anyone could ever dream of, and it doesn't even NEED to be St. Patrick's Day!

About 80 party goers can soak up the traditional Irish culture in the safety of one of these cushioned structures.

If 33 feet of pub is too much for your party, you can choose one of the company's smaller options to suit your specific needs.

Renting the structure alone without the option additions of food, drinks, and entertainment costs around $435.

Did I mention it's inflatable? Yeah, so no more bumps and bruises when the alcohol gets a little too good and you find yourself stumbling around. If you run into a wall, you just bounce right back off again.

Basically, it's the ultimate boozy bouncy castle for adults. And we're sold.